In order to become the leading digital innovation hub worldwide, we need to foster the knowledge exchange with international innovation hubs such as the Silicon Valley, Hong Kong etc. and spread the word about our mission. We want you to be part of this ‘Digital Hub Exchange’ and are therefore happy to announce the partnership between digitalswitzerland and venture leaders. venturelab’s successful international business development program pursues its mission to play a key role in identifying and accelerating the development of some of the most promising Swiss startups at the international level. For more than 15 years, the Swiss national Startup Team has been traveling to Silicon Valley, Boston, New York, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Beijing and Hong Kong to take part in the high-powered business and financing roadshows where they meet potential business partners and investors and benefit from a direct access to high level visibility and networking opportunities.

The venture leaders program 2017 offers one-week business development roadshows in Boston (Life Science), Silicon Valley (Technology), New York (Fintech) and China (all domains). This includes presentations to local angel investors and VCs, partners and industry experts as well as business workshops and company visits. Further to getting a unique visibility in Switzerland and abroad, as well as building a strong network, the participants are part of a team of entrepreneurs sharing the same objectives and challenges. They are unique Ambassadors of the thriving Swiss startup scene and Switzerland’s innovation power.

For the first time this year, the winners of the venture leaders China program will have the unique opportunity to participate at the World Economic Forum in Dalian and build a greater exposure as well as high level networking opportunities.

Discover the venture leaders Life Science 2017, the “Swiss National Startup Team Life Science” (click on the picture to see a short description of their technologies):

Discover the venture leaders China 2017, the “Swiss National Startup Team China” (click on the picture to see a short description of their technologies):


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