On May 4th, 2017, our first ambassador meeting in 2017 has taken place. Each member organization of digitalswitzerland appoints an ambassador to digitalswitzerland. Nicolas, our managing director, welcomed all ambassadors and reminded everyone of our mission:

“We are not trying to copy the Silicon Valley, Berlin or Israel, but rather get to the bottom of our own Swiss USPs and help build up a nationwide digital innovation ecosystem from there. We want to find and create our own identity for Switzerland.”

All our initiatives for the digital ecosystem can be categorized along these 5 strategic focuses:

How to facilitate digital awareness in your company?

Stephanie, our Head of Relations and Business Development, led the workshop and called for challenges and learnings while facilitating digital awareness in each company. At the end each discussion group presented their findings:


  • Leaders not even digitally aware
  • Strong resistance to change
  • Change is getting out of the comfort zone
  • Accepted (digital) KPIs are not available
  • Appeal of corporation: brand, demographics and infrastructure
  • Regulatory and security barriers
  • Fear paralyses
  • Identity is questioned
  • Cubicles and closed workspaces are obstacles to digitization
  • Digitization in small steps or with small impact instead of a big bang
  • Digital tools are not tangible


  • Proving cost reduction and digital ROI of great importance
  • BYOD does not (always) work
  • New talents means new incentives
  • Building speed boats
  • Celebrating success and show results
  • Good experience with agility workshops
  • Flagship projects lead to culture change and influence general projects
  • Change agents help with the transition
  • Collaboration between departments is getting everyone at the same table
  • (Financial) suffering is helpful for risk-taking

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Author Daniel Scherrer

Head of Communications & Public Affairs @digitalswitzerland

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