On May 15, the 36th SICTIC Investor Day was held at the EPFL in Lausanne. As one of SICTIC’s partner, digitalswitzerland could present itself to Investors and Startups during this informal and exciting event.


Enablers and Educators


digitalswitzerland entered a partnership with the Swiss ICT Investor Club (SICTIC) this year. Business Angels Networks as SICTIC play an important role in developing an innovation ecosystem. As one of the main stakeholders, in what we call the Startup Enablement Triangle (the other stakeholder being startups and corporates) organizations as SICTIC contribute a fundamental share in the development of a sustainable digital ecosystem. As early investors, these business angels are what startups need to develop and initially scale their business.

Networks as SICTIC have also a second and equally important role: They recruit and educate potential investors, thereby augmenting potential capital and knowledge investments into local talent. SICTIC, for example offers Angel Trainings as well as Webinars.

The startups also profit from this educational dimension: The investors, which often have themselves an entrepreneurial background, can in turn advise the less experienced startup founders. Thereby the startups not only raise money, but can also find a valuable advisor.


SICTIC Investor Days


During the SICTIC Investor Day a curated number of startups made a short pitch to investors. The startups have been preselected by a SICTIC Jury and have to comply to a set of mandatory characteristic. The central ones being; that a strong information and communication technology (ICT) component exists, that allows to quickly scale up the business and that the core team is based in Switzerland.

After the initial pitches, each Investor gave points to the startups, that caught his savvy business interest. The startups with the most points ( half of the present startups) got an additional 15 minutes to present their business model. These 15 minutes consisted of an extended presentation of their business model, followed by a tough questioning from the investors. To conclude the event and further discuss business opportunities all parties shared an aperitif on a level playing field.


Together for the Swiss Startup Ecosystem


SICTIC organizes more than a dozen Investor Days as well as another dozen of Investor Meetings a year across all of Switzerland.

Given their entrepreneurial expertise and success stories – SICTIC members invested in getyourguide and beekeeper among others – SICTIC counts as one of the most reputable Investor Networks in Switzerland. It is also because of SICTIC’s busy schedule as well as their educational work, that Switzerland can hope to reach the magical target of over CHF 1 billion invested in Swiss Startups in 2017.

We’re looking forward to the further collaboration! The next SICTIC event with direct participation of digitalswitzerland, is the SICTIC Investor Day in Zurich during the Kickstart Accelerator.

If you want to engage yourself as angel investor or just see for yourself how such network events take place, visit SICTIC’s homepage.

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