We congratulate Climeworks on the launch of the world premiere first direct air capture plant. The NZZ newspaper (in German) and Bloomberg each wrote an article about it. The ETH Spinoff Climeworks plant was inaugurated last Wednesday in Hinwil near Zurich. It’s to be known as the one and only CO2 capturing plant of its kind worldwide. The captured CO2 is sold to a nearby Greenhouse company to help grow vegetables such as tomatoes and cucumbers. The inaugurated plant is a result of years of research. New technologies such as direct air capture are great innovative promises towards the future. Aside from that Climeworks has the ambition to capture one per cent of global CO2 emission by 2025. Here a little intro video from Climeworks and what they do:

Looking back when digitalswitzerland just started, Climeworks was one of the startups pitching at our first launched initiative ‘Investor Summit 2016‘. In the picture below one of the two founders and co-Chief Executive Officer, Jan Wurzbach, pitching the idea of Climeworks to more than 150 visitors at Zurich Airport. We are proud to have been a part on the successful path of this Swiss startup.


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