A few weeks back the terms «ransomware» and «wannaCry» were all over the newspapers in Europe and the world. The global malware infected 230’000 computers in 150 countries and paralyzed many organizations for several hours or even days. As long as we as society are getting more and more connected, the cyber risks are becoming omnipresent.

How do we make cyber space a safe place?

New information technologies emerge at rapid pace and innovations in the area of ICT have significant impacts on our social, political and economic lives. The ongoing and expected changes offer great opportunities to societies and economies, but they also bear risks. To counter risks in the constantly evolving ICT landscape, a thorough understanding of the theoretical foundations of information security as well as practical security threats and countermeasures are needed and scientific findings are to be disseminated to the target groups.

New scientific and technological solutions on topics such as future Internet architectures, secure positioning, smartphone security, blockchain technologies, protocol verification, and cryptography have to be developed and brought to the market to generate value added for the economy, to enhance the competitiveness of the Swiss economy and to provide new jobs.

The Summit on Cyber Risks at ETH

The Summit on Cyber Risks will feature keynote speakers and panel discussions. It addresses industry leaders and representatives from fields of information security and ICT, information security scientists and specialists, students of areas related to information security from the bachelor to the doctoral level, politicians, policy makers, public administration representatives interested in and involved with information security issues, as well as media representatives. Find out more here.


Author Daniel Scherrer

Head of Communications & Public Affairs @digitalswitzerland

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