I went to Berlin a few weeks ago where I’ve attended a fireside talk with Steve Wozniak. While it was inspiring to hear him talk, one statement of his stood out especially:

«Apple would not have been founded(!) without the continuous support and feedback of the people around them. Those “people” included a mentor who brought in the business expertise as well as friends that have tested their product.»

In Switzerland, we tend to keep our ideas to ourselves, be it that we are afraid of copycats, or that we are reluctant to fail or be rebuked.

My thoughts on this matter:

If you keep silent, no one will be able to work with you on your topic, or give you their support. It’s about allowing opinions from different points of views. I firmly believe that it is highly enriching to seek exposure early on because everyone has a somewhat differing background and thusly – unique way of perceiving and looking at things.

So, where does this leave us:

Talk to people, test your ideas and continuously develop them. Don’t hesitate to approach or accept professional support. Apart from your strengths, be open to acknowledge your weaknesses and start looking for people or knowledge sources that will fill the void and as a result, emerge stronger… and in the end, you’ll still decide whether the voiced opinion is of use or not.

digitalswitzerland pushing Collaborative Innovation

With many of our initiatives we try to follow the idea of opening up and sharing ideas. We actively embrace it as our culture. Especially with our initiative «digitalswitzerland challenge» we push the concept of «Collaborative Innovation», where in different roundtables, several bets are executed. In all these roundtables, companies of different sizes and sectors are collaborating together and are working closely with startups and academics in order to fulfill a bet that is of interest to the society as a whole.

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Stephanie Lüpold

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