Curiosity is a key factor when it comes to making the step to try out something new – and Igor, our new «nextgeneration» ambassador evoked just that: a lot of curiosity and fascination.

Last Thursday, during our flyer sampling action at Zurich Main Station, we got active support from Igor, the butler robot from the ETH laboratory for autonomous systems by Prof. Roland Siegwart, Executive Committee Member of digitalswitzerland, who was also present at the sampling.

Thanks to Igor’s persistency and ability to find his way through groups of people, he successfully delivered the «nextgeneration» flyers . Igor is an intelligent and autonomous robot, who moves freely within a set of pre-programmed fixed points, thanks to a camera installed at the bottom of his body (and not in his eyes, as many people would have thought).

Our ambassador caused a lot of sensation amongst the many commuters passing through Zurich Main Station. With older people being puzzled at the beginning, the younger visitors got immediately captivated by Igor, which is exactly what digitalswitzerland wants to achieve with ‘next generation’: to get the next generation of adults ready for digitization by inspiring them early on and helping them build the fundamental skills they’ll need for the future.

We even got support from Swiss Post CEO Susanne Ruoff and Gebert Rüf Stiftung Director Pascale Vonmont, both digitalswitzerland Steering Committee Members, who passed by to personally meet Igor and back our important mission.

Having said that, get your kids ready for the future and sign them up to a summer full of digital adventures with Igor.


Author Lara Fritschi

Project Lead Startup Enablement

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