Why digitalswitzerland

One focused strategy – many advantages

digitalswitzerland pursues one goal. We are determined to use the ongoing decade to drive digital transformation in Switzerland. There is still a lot of untapped potential left in our country, which gives us and our members ample opportunity to turn the challenges of the Digital Revolution into opportunities – and to make our economy even more fit for the future.

A wide range of possibilities for us to drive change – that is what’s defining our strategy and agenda



We use our combined views, insights and voice to inform policy makers and regulators. Our aim is an open dialogue that allows our authorities to continually improve the political and regulatory environment.


We support pioneering  entrepreneurs – from early stage to scale-up.
Our offerings range from coaching and advice to large scale accelerator programs. And we help making the connections, with potential corporate clients and investors, nationally and internationally.


Life-long learning has never been more important than now. We provide digital education programs that help individuals to refresh and upskill their digital business capabilities.


We provide carefully curated platforms and events where digital entrepreneurs, established companies and financial investors can make those all-important connections. Internationally, we participate in conferences and trade fairs and we provide opportunity for entrepreneurs to showcase their concepts to a global audience.


We use our resources and our combined strength to constantly boost the momentum of the brand digitalswitzerland. The attractiveness of our brand makes us highly regarded partakers of the innovation ecosystem. Our communications programs seek to amplify the Swiss brand and to build awareness for our striving ecosystem with entrepreneurs, corporate innovation leaders and international investors alike.

What’s in it for you as member of digitalswitzerland?

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Proven track records and unique strength

Offering a unique selling proposition

Founded in fall 2015, we were able to build an impressive ecosystem and membership which already today includes major organizations. The track record of digitalswitzerland has aroused attention of economic, political, and scientific leaders from all around Switzerland. It has shown that there is high demand for an innovation ecosystem which is designed to drive cross-sector convergence and the exchange of ideas, knowledge and resource between the old and established – the market leaders, and the new and agile – the market innovators.

digitalswitzerland offers a broad spectrum of networking platforms, cooperation opportunities, events, matchmaking initiatives, accelerator programs, incubators, media channels, and much more to connect established market players from across Switzerland with digital pioneers from home and abroad.

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Your possibilities – at a glance

The power of a strong brand

The attractiveness of our strong brand sends out a clear message: We are one of the major driving forces at the forefront of the digital transformation.

Have a say and co-create

You will have the opportunity to co-create a framework that will be designed to enable your success in the digital future.

Your organization becomes part of a coordinated and well-connected community of like-minded organizations and individuals.

Exclusive access to innovative and disruptive ideas

Gain insights from leading experts and disruptive thinkers. Be inspired, access critical new insights and experience digital innovation as and where it happens, i.e. within our Kickstart Accelerator environment. Participate in pilot projects and collaborative tests.

Networking with other established organizations

Build new relationships with your peers and other critical players in the digital innovation ecosystem. Discuss your ideas across industries, think out of the box and explore new partnerships and collaboration opportunities.

Posting and development of staff

Experienced and well-connected employees of member companies act as Ambassadors or within the scope of personnel postings. The role of an Ambassador offers the advantage of immediate contact in minimum time. At the same time, the posting of staff to digitalswitzerland requires a considerable investment of time but allows for tapping our digital ecosystem very effectively.

Connect with founders and startups

Use events and sponsoring programs as ‘building platforms‘. Meet, discuss, and build trust. Identify talent and experience and adapt ideas. Expose your own teams to innovation processes (Intrapreneurship).
Engage in targeted cooperation as a customer / partner or use the new connections for partnerships and investment opportunities.

Access to various initiatives with participation option

Targeted participation in selected initiatives that are particularly important for individual members.

Use framework contracts for fast and efficient access to: exclusive events, stage presence for your organization and highly visible sponsorship possibilities.

Different participation options

Membership in a strong and fast-growing ecosystem that enables active participation.

Support the ecosystem as a member – or join us as a supporter of selected individual initiatives.

Many leading organizations – one strong community

A strong presence in the regions, across all industries

digitalswitzerland is an umbrella brand that draws upon the strength of Switzerland as a business location, its expertise in key industrial sectors, as well as the country‘s proverbial quality brand. We initiate and create platforms and events that have an impact on individual industries in Switzerland and its various regions.


digitalswitzerland is a Swiss-wide and internationally well-connected initiative that increasingly attracts international digital talent.

High-speed access
Furthermore, we provide corporates, venture capitalists, SMEs as well as Startups from both home and abroad with high-speed access to our buzzing innovation ecosystem.

Focus on STEM-disciplines
We build on the combined power of leading companies, academic institutions with focus on STEM disciplines, and innovation talent pools in fields such as FinTech, InsureTech, Smart&Connected Machines, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and FoodTech as well as Life Sciences and MedTech to name just a few.

Cross-sector convergence
We believe that disruptive innovation most frequently happens when diverse sectors and approaches combine. Which is why we seek to make the connections, across sectors and the geographic regions where these sectors traditionally reside.

Members and partners can use our strong brand and our media channels to enhance their perception as leaders in the digital revolution.

Building partnerships
Founders get a unique opportunity to build partnerships with potential clients, partners, and investors.

Increasing awareness and visibility
Leverage of the large national and international communication channels of digitalswitzerland.

Enhancing outreach
Entrepreneurs can use our networks to quickly scale their market reach.

Business knowledge
We provide startups from different various verticals with customized and leading programs to accelerate, grow, and scale their business models.

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