Education & Talent

Improving digital skills for all

A truly innovative economy is based on both a solid education that builds on the past and looks to the future as well as talent development. As digitalswitzerland’s mission is to make Switzerland a leading digital innovation hub – worldwide, our Education & Talent initiative promotes digitalisation in both those areas. From compulsory and tertiary education to apprenticeship and lifelong learning, we aim to encourage and promote digital skills and competencies throughout the country for all ages and interests.


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Education Digital

Our digital platform bundles lifelong education offerings in the fields of digital skills and provides employees and learners with access.

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Computational Thinking Initiative CTI

The Computational Thinking Initiative CTI, launched on the second Swiss Digital Day, aims to strengthen digital education and develop basic know-how in primary schools in all parts of the country. The basis for this is a learning robot developed in Switzerland with which children can learn computational thinking in a playful way.

As a public-private partnership, the initiative is jointly supported by various public educational institutions and industry.


Our «nextgeneration» initiative supports digital education offerings primarily for children and adolescents to start early to create curiosity and build fundamental skills. Our job is to connect these existing platforms and provide reach and publicity via our channels and network.

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 «Top Talent»

Our Top Talent study indicates that Switzerland and its ecosystem need to gear up in order to fill the future gap in top talents.

For more information, read our report here.