On April 27 and 28, the fitss Corporate Startup Summit took place in Zurich at Swiss Life Binz Center under the patronage of DigitalZurich2025. The event aims to build the bridge between corporate companies and the startup ecosystem. Originally from Berlin, Zurich was their first international location. It was a highly interactive event where many of the participants took the opportunity to learn, network and discuss ideas and new possibilities for how to best connect startups and corporates to the benefit of both.

Day 1 of the Corporate Startup Summit focussed on intrapreneurship and how to build an intrapreneurial culture in (large, established) companies. At its best, an intrapreneurial culture can tickle innovation from the inside and make a company future-ready. However, to enable such a culture, it’s important that people feel like they have the freedom to fail – ideally fail fast and fail forward – so progress has the chance of happening. This was also at the heart of the interactive fishbowl closing discussion in cooperation with ActionJam, Swiss Life, Swisscom, Safari Consulting and Navigation Lab.

The second day started with a warm welcome by host Ivo Furrer, CEO of Swiss Life Switzerland. He was followed by an inspirational keynote from Gregoire Serikoff on “Codesigning Intrapreneurial Transformation”. Workshops and fishbowl discussions rounded off the day, many of them featuring startup founders, who shared their stories of failing, proceeding and succeeding, giving first-hand examples of what it takes to make an intrapreneurial culture thrive.

At DigitalZurich2025 we were very happy to be one of the enablers for bringing the Corporate Startup Summit to Switzerland for the first time and hope to welcome the Corporate Startup Summit again in Zurich in 2017.


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