Start Us Magazine regularly publishes guides to navigate Europe’s many startup ecosystems. Our Managing Director Sunnie Groeneveld teamed up with Christian Langenegger from the widely popular blog NewlySwissed to write the Zurich Startup Guide. Below you find a short excerpt:

Zurich is an innovation hotspot abuzz with many great founders pushing forward novel business ideas and digital technologies. Learn how to found and launch a startup in this amazing city.

Zurich is Switzerland’s largest city and often places in the top three of the Mercer report for most livable cities. This city is also constantly pushing the boundary of innovation: ETH Zurich is the highest ranked technical university in continental Europe with a strong spin-off tradition, Google has its largest engineering office outside of Mountain View, the campus of IBM Research Zurich is home to two Nobel prizes, Disney set up its only European site in this city and a host of bitcoin and blockchain startups are headquartered in what has been dubbed “CryptoValley”, potentially on the brink of reshaping the financial system as we know it.

This blend of livability, finance and innovation makes Zurich ripe for entrepreneurial success. On a broader scope, Zurich is at the heart of an economy, which according to a recent EY Digitization survey leads the league tables when it comes to investment into and positive outlook on digital technologies. Learn more about the advantages and challenges of founding a startup in the heart of Europe.

Read the full guide here.

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