DigitalZurich2025 is not even a year old, yet so much has happened since our founding day on September 4, 2015. The best, however, is yet to come: In just a matter of weeks, our flagship project  The Kickstart Accelerator will welcome 30 startups from around the world to work and live in Zurich for three months. The  startup founders will participate in one of the program’s four verticals: Food; Smart and Connected Machines; FinTech and Future and Emerging Technologies.

From August 22 till November 4, 2016 , DigitalZurich2025’s Kickstart Accelerator provides them with holistic support: office space at ewz Selnau, topnotch industry experts, serial entrepreneurs as mentors, financial support, POCs with our partner companies and much more. After this period, the startup founders have the chance to present their progress and developed prototypes to leading investors, the media and numerous potential corporate partners and clients.

Structuring a multi-corporate accelerator program like Kickstart for the first time has been exciting, challenging and rewarding all at once. Since March each vertical has had a working group from our member companies collaborating with the great minds of Impact Hub Zurich to jointly shape each vertical and the overarching schedule that binds the program together. In particular, Smart & Connected Machines is made possible thanks to Stäubli, Metall Zug and Maxon Motor; the Food vertical has been shaped by Coop and Engagement Migros – who have been working  for the first time together in the name of innovation; and finally FinTech by Credit Suisse, EY, the Global FinTech Association, Swisscom, Swiss Life and UBS.

The collaboration across corporates, and the Impact Hub Zurich has also been remarkable. For example, within the Fintech vertical, UBS and Credit Suisse have been working for months side by side with the same goal: to bring the finest Fintech start-ups to Zurich. But it’s not just Credit Suisse and UBS; the entire Fintech Vertical Core Team composed of team members from Credit Suisse, EY, The Global FinTech Association, Swisscom, Swiss Life and UBS collaborated, having two meetings a week, taking the time to carefully develop the concept and process from evaluation to mentoring, budget planning and finally organizing a 2-day fintech bootcamp for all finalist startups together with Impact Hub Zurich.

At last, together we have selected out of 850+ applications, 30 startups from around the world, who will join us for the inaugural Kickstart Accelerator program as of next month. We are very proud and excited for all that’s ahead. Stay tuned!

Meet the Startup Winners

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EntoCube: Finland – insect farming microclimate control and automation technologies.

Pantry Ace: England – transforms professional kitchens through labelling technology, digital stocktaking and operations data analytics.

Dalou: England – innovative breakfast delivery services to companies.

FoPo Food Powder:  Germany – reduces food waste by drying fruits & vegetables and turning them into powder.

Faitron: Switzerland – introduces HeatsBox, an electric lunchbox that heats up food on the go.

Project-Aqua: Switzerland – micro sharing platform to give access to drinking water by offering optimized CSR solutions to retailers

myAllergy: England – Website aiming to provide “Freedom from Food Allergies” for food allergy sufferers and carers.

Gourmly: Switzerland – Market place for food and kitchenware directly from the local producers.

BOTA: Greece – mechatronic devices supplier for automation and robotics applications.

Viscopic: Germany – communication solution for industrial services and sharing technical knowledge.

Drofie: Latvia – world’s first folding, auto-follow, drone flying pocket camera.

Minebox: Germany and Austria – peer-to-peer networks to create a shared economy where storage becomes a digital asset.

Kessel Solar: Denmark and Mexico – affordable renewable technology for the lower-middle class population in emerging markets.

tio: England – educational robotic building block and playful app for ages 5 and up.

Veezoo: Switzerland – tool to explore and visualize stock market data efficiently.

James: USA – SaaS for risk departments equipped with Machine Learning algorithms, techniques and validation methods.

Lenditapp: USA – cloud-based solution catering to the alternative small business lending community.

Nivaura: Switzerland – blockchain-based digital platform for execution and lifecycle management of small financial assets.

Gatechain: Switzerland – blockchain technology providing solutions for trade finance on a decentralised network.

Zoa: Switzerland – application and a platform for exchanging personal data between consumers and companies.

Notakey: Convenient yet secure and cost-effective multi-factor authentication – just one tap to authorize a transaction.

Sureify: USA – SaaS-based engagement platform that provides a solution to life insurance carrier’s challenge of staying connected to their policyholders.

Mergims: Rwanda – mobile commerce and payments app that focuses on remittances to African countries.

Surong 360: China – a platform for peer-to-peer (P2P) loans targeted at university students and alumni.

Piomic: Switzerland – non-invasive electroceutical wound care device for faster healing, reduced pain and inflammation.

LastMile: Germany – AI that allows data access and interpretation via natural language in messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, Slack, Email, etc.

Modum: Switzerland – sensor devices leveraging blockchain technology to assert data immutability and public accessibility while saving costs.

BioWatch: Switzerland – world’s first wearable wrist vein recognition solution first for authentication purposes.

Tickey: mobile ticketing app for smart cities that allows passengers to use the most diverse means of urban mobility with their smartphones.


Want to know more about the start-ups? You can check out their websites or read longer descriptions of their focus in these blog posts:

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