“All the topics tackled by the Swiss-UK Tech for Insurance mission – Fintech, IoT, Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence – are of the highest relevance for Swiss exports. The Swiss capability in these domains is amazing and therefore it is S-GE’s responsibility to make sure our key trade partners are aware of it.”

Daniel Küng, CEO, Switzerland Global Enterprise

Mission and Matchmaking event for corporations and tech founders from Switzerland and the UK
London, 9 – 10 February 2017

Explore the latest in InsureTech!
During the last two years InsureTech has stepped out of the overarching shadow of the larger FinTech segment with established insurance companies as well as an abundant number of new entrepreneurs seeking to deploy new tech and business model thinking in what historically has been a rather traditional industry.

Innovation in InsureTech today can be found way beyond the obvious space. FinTech has paved the way and key enabling technologies such as Advanced Analytics, AI, the Blockchain and Smart Contracts have matured. Importantly the Internet of Things (IoT/IIoT) with its abundance of sensors and data has finally arrived and is poised to provide insurers as well as their customer with entirely new opportunities in the design of insurance services.

The Mission
The Innovation in Tech for Insurance mission will provide for detailed insight into the latest trends. Importantly it will connect established players in the Insurance and Reinsurance industry as well as top tech talent from both, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, two of the world leading geographies in today’s Insurance industry and the InsureTech space.

To be held on Thursday and Friday, 9 & 10 of February at the Swiss Embassy, at Startup Bootcamp London and at Lloyds of London, the event will provide for insights, debate and – importantly – for perfectly curated match making opportunity between Swiss and UK participants.

The event is being organized by the Swiss Business Hub for UK & Ireland and is supported by the Swiss Ambassador in London.

Who should attend
At digitalswitzerland we recommend participating to both, established Swiss Insurance and ReInsurance companies as well as Tech Entrepreneurs targeting the Insurance Sector:

Corporates: C-level executives with responsibilities in incremental and disruptive innovation, looking at scouting new technologies and gaining access to the latest Tech for Insurance insights.

Tech founders targeting the Insurance sector: Here we encourage broad participation way beyond InsureTech and FinTech, i.e. with solutions in IoT, Supply Chain, Wearables, Health Care and Smart Real Estate to name but a few.

Conference contacts
For more information regarding a possible participation please do not hesitate to contact us at digitalswitzerland or the Swiss Business Hub in London directly and get the flyer here:

• Stephan Kuester, digitalswitzerland: +41 79 171 9969 / +44 7785 370 833
• Marieke Hood, Swiss Business Hub: +44 20 7616 6050
• Geraldine Mortby, Swiss Business Hub: +44 20 7616 6006

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