With digital innovation and the ongoing transformation of our businesses and entire economy, we all have embarked on a journey to unknown shores. For some – individuals, teams and entire organizations alike – this journey thus far has proven easier and more successful than for others. Thus, we continue to ask ourselves the same recurring question – what makes certain organizations so much more successful than others? Is it leadership, team skills, strategy, or simply being at the right place at the right time?

At the World Web Forum Conference, we have made it our mission to collectively come one-step closer to exploring the successful strategies and attributes that make for successful leaders in innovation and transformation.

Leading minds for inspiration

The most illustrious names and minds will kick us off and seek to fuel our debates, including with Sir Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web,  Ed Catmull co-founder and president of Pixar, Marian Goddell of Burning Man Festival, Anita Roth of AirBnB, Jeff Eggers former principal advisor to President Barack Obama and WEF Managing Director Philipp Roessler.

Roundtables, discussions and networking

In its fifth year, the forum continues its impressive growth. Expect more than 1,000 professionals to attend in January, most of whom being either the leaders of entire corporations or the heads of business units. All of which share a passion and desire for insight and debate as to the digital opportunities that lie ahead of us.

Day one is entirely focused on inspiration, networking opportunity and the proverbial “out of the box thinking”. On day two a number of satellite events then will seek to transfer the inspirational insight into practical application for a number of larger business sectors and issues. Verticals currently are confirmed for FinTech and Digital Communications and themes such as Energy and Life Style are in preparation. Our members are inivited to participate as guests or even to co-host one of the satellites.


Exclusive access for digitalswitzerland members

The WORLDWEBFORUM is nearly sold out. For our members we have secured a limited number of additional tickets, all of which can be ordered at the digitalswitzerland membership discount of 30% to the face value for the 2-day pass. Please make use of this opportunity to join one of the Swiss milestone events in 2017.

Tickets can be booked here! Make sure to profit from our membership discount by entering following code: BD2P8HQ

For sponsorships and other engagement, opportunities please contact Thi Quyen Truong at the WORLDWEBFORUM.

We are looking forward to welcoming you on January 24th-25th 2017!


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