Next year in summer 2017, the new Innovation Park will be openend in Zurich within Airport Dübendorf. An exhibition and a public café will be open to the public and subsequently attract visitors. In addition, the Zurich Innovation Park Foundation will relocate its offices to the premises and the first development teams will soon move in.

Within the foundation, the development teams work within the fields of robotics, mobility, space travel and advanced manufacturing. In the near future however, the topic Fintech will be also given weight. A blockchain hub under the name ‘Trust Square’ will be created in Dübendorf and will be followed by projects from creative industries, life sciences and other industries.

“The opening of the Zurich Innovation Park is another important step in positioning Switzerland as a leading location for innovation,” says Nicolas Bürer, Managing Director of digitalswitzerland, who also significantly contributes to position Switzerland as a digital hub and to promote young companies and innovations across all industries.

Source: Inside IT

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