With the challenge digitalswitzerland is launching a competition, which focuses on the concrete realization of digital transformation through its members. The ambitious program puts Switzerland at the heart of digitalization. With full throttle.

If you want to become a world champion in digitalisation, you not only need a clear vision, but above all, concrete projects that are moving fast forward. Surely, Switzerland has a good chance of taking a global pole position in one or the other digital discipline. However, this can only be achieved by a joint effort of large companies, SMEs, startups and the Swiss universities, which are at the forefront of global rankings. In other words: through collaboration between companies, organizations and sectors, Switzerland shows its strengths to its neighbours and the world. And its conviction to start tomorrow.

Creating the future with concrete projects

The digitalswitzerland challenge takes up the slack. The challenge sees itself as an invitation to the leading minds among digitalswitzerland’s members and beyond, to jointly develop innovative concepts as well as fantastic (or crazy) ideas and quickly put them into action. And all this with the inclusion of universities and politics, and in the shortest possible time, because anyone who wants to be a digital champion has to get a move on.

The digitalswitzerland challenge therefore focuses on cooperation to promote digitalisation in Switzerland on a topic-based approach. Starting point for this collaboration are the roundtables, which each frame an ambitious but concrete goal by focussing on specific areas of digitalisation, such as e-health or digital real estate. The challenge thus enables the participants to contribute specifically to the content-related development of digitalswitzerland.
Furthermore the challenge will demonstrate the efficiency of the Swiss economy by opening up as well as tapping into potentials, making networks fruitful, and noticeably positioning Swiss strengths and values within global competition.

First step: Roundtables make a wager

The roundtable format ensures the greatest possible flexibility and freedom at the starting point of the challenge. To ensure that this freedom does not lead to anarchy, each roundtable is moderated and organized by a table captain. The table captain also ensures that the roundtables are not misused for particular interests, and that they always keep the focus on the overall societal interest. In addition, each roundtable has a tandem partner from the digitalswitzerland board or its Steering Committee who, through its network, can open doors to other members of digitalswitzerland and initiate cooperative ventures.

The goal of Roundtables is to formulate a wager establishing a Swiss pole position or lighthouse project, which ideally would be fullfilled within a year. For example, a roundtable on the subject of electronic identity could bet to launch a pilot project with a municipality including ten thousand households by the end of the year. Or the Roundtable on e-Democracy could set itself the goal of launching a national platform for political participation by New Year’s Eve.

… and pitch them on April 3, 2017

All bets of the digitalswitzerland challenge will compete against each other on Monday, April 3, 2017, from 4 to 9 pm at the pre-opening of the digitalswitzerland Innovationskraftwerk.
Within the frame (or limits) of a pitch, they present their projects to a high-quality jury from politics, business and research.
If the wagers stand up to test of the jury and the audience, their implementation has to start without delay, because the challenge is based on concrete results which achieve a noticeable impact, be it in the form of newly established spin-offs, a minimum viable product (MVP) or a pilot, a venture or research center, et cetera.

Right in the thick of it – not just on the sidelines

Do you have a theme for a roundtable or do you want to join an existing roundtable to compete with your wager or vision? Then we invite you to join one of the Roundtables!

Further information on the digitalswitzerland challenge and the existing roundtables can be found in the tender documents here! Soon, the challenge will also launch its own website, where the roundtables will be presented.


Author Guillaume Gabus, digitalswitzerland

Senior Project Manager

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