December, 2016. The premiere of the first true worldwide online conference about bots, AI and machine learning takes off. More than 150 registrations, 15 presentations voted by the participants, 1000 cumulated views and 30 replays. Start-ups, botmakers, research, institutions and innovation partners show an impressive cross section of this catapult-like growing universe of applications i.e. algorithms within some 4 hours.

And digitalswitzerland was there right from the beginning to support the set-up of an international digital beacon.

March 23rd, 2017. Loaded with learnings the botscamp duo Thomas Schulz and Maurice Codourey provide the botscamp unleashed with updates and a Wow: No tickets, no travel costs, no travel time. Even the replays are free for participants. You can register here.

Call for speakers
Everyone in bots, AI and machine learning is welcome. A little jury with digitalswitzerland and the two founders will do a preselection with a limit of 2 votes for a maximum of 30 sessions which will be forwarded to the voting by the participants for the «final 15». Currently the international line-up looks like this:

  • Jack Crawford, founder and CEO Conversational AI for Bots and Applications
  • Will Sims, founder Botunity: Finding talent in the Bot industry
  • Cristina Santamarina, founder bots4health: Moving away to move on (chatbot platforms)
  • Hajnalka Hejja, CEO Smart Health UG / MediLad: Learning about who we really are
  • Tom Hewitson, Conversation Designer The Chatbot Agency: Creating chatbot characters
  • John Koetsier, Journalist, analyst, economist, futurist TUNE: Bots, apps, web: when to use each
  • Jin Tanaka, CEO and Founder Xpresso & Foxsy: How Bots can help connecting people more in the real world
  • Lucas Ives, Head of Conversation Engineering PullString: The Character Imperative in Computer
  • Marco Menichelli, Chief Technical Officer XSENSE Corp.: Multilanguage Cognitive Process Emulation Engine
  • Kirk Borne, Principal Data Scientist Booz Allen Hamilton: What is Cognitive Computing, AI, and Machine Learning?
  • Vaida Alisauskaite, Director Webmobix: AI for Language Learning
  • Dan Gailey, Founder/CEO RadBots: Monetizing Chatbots
  • Megan McGee, Javascript Developer Make Bots: Public Health and the Conversational Interface
  • Niklaus Daniel, CEO Netlive IT AG: How can Chatbots work for your business?
  • Tobias Drechsel, Founder Vialogue: Bots in Banks
  • John Gray, Co-founder Mentionmapp Analytics: BotMapp – Twitter Bots as Weapons of Mass Amplification
  • Ariel Jalali, CEO Sensay: The anatomy of a large scale human routing engine.

Embedded Slack community
This forum of exchange facilitates the onboarding for all participants and presenters. The «knowledge dating» between the botscamp slackers runs via bot – there are already more than 300 people in action.

News stream via Twitter @botscamp
The interested public can hang on using RSS to one of the strongest newsfeeds about bots, AI and machine learning. Already some 3300 followers use that nonstop service curated by @SprkyBot.

Metcalfe’s law
Thomas Schulz and Maurice Codourey orientate themselves about the cost-benefit ratio according to the mathematical considerations of Robert Metcalfe 1980 – the inventor of the Ethernet from Brooklyn NY. Using a slightly adjusted adaption of Robert’s law the botscamp strives for a platform utility which is growing proportional to the numbers of possible connections between all participants. The founders reach that kind of high networking intensity for instance by an increased rhythm of 4 online conferences a year, the embedded Slack community as well as the international ranking «The Bottish 100». At the same time that bundled multiplication power symbolizes the application potential of the bot world in the sense of Metcalf.

The botscamp demonstrate leadership with 4 editions a year (March, June, September and December) – increased intensity and density compared to the standard yearly unplugged conferences . With a 3-years-plan the botscamp focuses the claim to be one of the most significant online conferences about bots. Worldwide. A unique digital Swiss Made brand providing a global collaborative knowledge gain – «the botspot to be».

Thomas Schulz, Founder botscamp,
Maurice Codourey, PR & Media,
Ainara Bilbao Villelga, Conference Manager & Cooperations,


Photo credit Boris Baldinger

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