Monday 3rd of April, digitalswitzerland launched the “Digital challenges” at EWZ Unterwerk Selnau in Zurich. On the same day Marc Walder (CEO Ringier & initiator of digitalswitzerland), Walter Thurnherr (Federal Chancellor), Andreas Meyer (CEO SBB) and Verena Vonarburg (Project Leader Digitaltag) introduced the first national ‘Digitalday’,November 21st. 2017.

Marc Walder announced the Digitalday by saying that we have to bring digitization to the entirety of the Swiss population: we want to inform, stimulate, entertain, and interact with the Swiss people who might be afraid or skeptical of digitization and the changes it will bring.

Digitization has to be seen as a chance, not a threat. Nevertheless there are lots of questions and fears out there: we want to face and discuss them! Walter Thurnherr added that Switzerland has great conditions for the digital revolution. On November 20st, actually one day before the Digitalday, the federal government is organizing a digital conference to address the digitization and its effects on the Swiss economy as on the political agenda. Andreas Meyer was happy to announce that the SBB will play a central role on this national Digitalday: railway stations in all parts of the country will become digital arenas and platforms for dialogue opportunities between the people, business, and politicians. For the SBB it is highly important to take fears and concerns seriously and to create the space for broader discussions.
Verena Vonarburg closed the announcement by addressing her astonishment and thankfulness for the great participation and support of all the companies and their contribution for the Digitalday.


Author Alina Schönenberger

Head of Relations & Operations

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