Last Tuesday, I was invited to be keynote speaker at a NEO Network event at the University of Zurich to talk about the digital future of Switzerland.

In my presentation, I’ve covered the development of the digitization era that we’re in, and why we are working non-stop to strengthen Switzerland’s global position in it. I’ve also highlighted key challenges that we face on the road of becoming such a leading innovation hub worldwide, as well as our ideas and solutions to those challenges.

In the following Q&A session, one listener has asked me what I personally perceive as a main challenge. I stated that I’d wish for more cooperation of all relevant players within the innovation network. To give you an example: In the field of start-up support, there are countless initiatives and activities in different regions, trying to establish an entire innovation network in their immediate radius. While this in itself gives a platform for innovation development, the activities and efforts are oftentimes not aligned and instead of a nationwide, there is only a region-wide perspective. This behavior still results in inefficiencies and it is our vision to unite and align such undertakings and create a holistic network overall in order to establish a strong Swiss innovation ecosystem that profits all regions and our country and economy as a whole. In my opinion, uniting efforts and creating a nationwide perspective is an important aspect in order to take Switzerland into a successful, digital future.

NEO Network is a student think tank that explores and addresses tomorrow’s challenges with leading industry experts, scientists and entrepreneurs at the largest Swiss universities. Like digitalswitzerland, they are also a community that unites people from different disciplines.

You can watch the video of the entire presentation here.


Author Stephanie Lüpold

Head of Relations & Business Development @digitalswitzerland

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