After an intensive preparation, the time finally arrived for ‘Mission Rosetta’ to land in the Innovation park Zurich on July 28, 2017.

Four days before, over 70 children gathered in Dübendorf for the start of the first Mint&Pepper Robotics Camp and experienced how their Thymio robots stranded at the comet, but unfortunately not on the planned spot. Day by day they learned how to program the robots for the final mission: guiding the robot to the planned landing location!

But not only this; during the week, the children also learned everything about space related topics such as the planets, medicine, food and material in workshops and presentations from professors of different Swiss universities.

The highlight was the presentation of astrophysicist Prof. Dr. Kathrin Altwegg, who has been working on the real ‘Mission Rosetta’ for over 20 years, specifically on the development of ‘Rosina’, an instrument that measures the composition of the gases in the tail of the comet Churjumov-Gerasimenko.

All in all, the final presentation of the mission with the present parents, was a successful end to an even more successful first robotics camp. This was underlined by cantonal councilor and president of the innovation park Zurich foundation Carmen Walker-Späh, who was also present and stated that thanks to such offers, the children are immersed in the fascinating world of technology and get to know creativity and teamwork in a playful way. She added, that the early understanding of technology and digitization is important for the children to be prepared for the future.

Also ETH robotics professor and digitalswitzerland steering committee member Prof. Dr. Roland Siegwart was present supporting the camp and introducing our ‘next generation’ initiative with its partner camps Ginger and Codillion.

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