Over the last several months, the world has been abuzz with talk of cryptocurrencies, alternative investing, ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) and the vast potential of blockchain technology.

Much of that conversation has centered around Switzerland and it’s Crypto Valley ecosystem. And now there will be even more talk with the Blockchain Competition.

The first-of-its-kind startup competition – launched in April of this year by Lakeside Partners and inacta and supported by digitalswitzerland – offers $100 000 (no-strings-attached) to the best team/startup with a blockchain-based idea for insurance.

As of July 30, over 80 entries have been submitted – and what’s more significant – from over 25 different countries worldwide.

What does it mean?

  • Switzerland and Crypto Valley are continuing to establish themselves as the place to be for blockchain startups. Much more than the prospect of a cash prize, the possibility of setting up shop at the intersection of technological expertise, innovative governmental support and more-than-sufficient capital reserve is extremely attractive to teams from around the world.
  • The influx of new startups and growing worldwide awareness will push the local ecosystem to grow and expand and will reinforce the need for cooperation between various players including digitalswitzerland, the Crypto Valley Association, and others.

This fall there will be (even more) worldwide attention focused on Crypto Valley – the Top 10 startups, as selected by the Blockchain Competition jury, will face off against each other during the Award Show to be held on November 22, at the Theatre Casino in Zug.

Audience members will also be able to participate in the selection of the top teams.

For teams that still wish to apply, late applications will be accepted until the final cut-off of September 22.

We are looking forward to follow the increasing traction of the Crypto Valley ecosystem!

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Author Nicolas Bürer, Managing Director digitalswitzerland

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