The digitalswitzerland | challenge, our core project for cross-industry networking and idea exchange, is relaunching its website to keep pace with the project’s progress and modern approach. Now, the website provides more content, clear visualization and updates about the 17 running bets.

More content

The challenge started with numerous vague ideas about how digitalization could improve our life. Since then, highly committed groups were formed, which were continuously working on their bet. Now, the finalized bet, the concrete problem addressed, the detailed solution and its impact are accessible online.

Clear visualization

Understanding an idea is easier when visualized. That’s why bets are now illustrated in pictograms, helping to understand the idea at first sight.

Current updates

Recent activities in the bets can now be accessed easily. Interesting Blogs about workshops, previous achievements and next steps planned are posted for each bet individually. On top of that the new dynamic news feed displays the activity level of the bets, providing an insightful overview.


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Author Naila Malemusa

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