The digitalization of products, services, processes, but also business models, corporations and even entire industries are of great importance and immediate relevance to the future success of all businesses. Thus, today’s leaders need to deepen their understanding on digital and data-driven businesses, business model innovation, the creation and utilization of disruptive technologies and innovations, and most importantly: how to initiate and lead digital change.

Entrepreneurs, executives, and entire industries are now forced to think, act, operate, and profit from the digital era – and that’s a tall order without proper education, insights, training, and preparedness.

According to Hasse Jansen of BoardView, who helpfully compiled some statistics on Digital transformation itself, only 7% of European companies rate their “digital maturity” as advanced and only 10% describe themselves as fully digital.

On a positive note, however, more than 26% of companies are ready to execute digital strategies. About 87% of businesses feel that moving to digital is a truly competitive opportunity. Only 4% of businesses did not yet get started on the transformation.

In order to encourage digital change not only solid knowledge of digital transformation and business model innovation is necessary but also an environment that enables innovative thinking.


A new EMBA Program to focus on Digital Transformation

The new EMBA in Digital Transformation from the University of Zurich offers both state-of-the-art knowledge on all relevant topics influencing successful digital change and an environment that facilitates innovation.

The EMBA in Digital Transformation has been designed for business leaders to aspire, initiate, and bring about change within organizations they lead or work for. It offers to provide insights on digital transformation, allow for business model innovation, provide candidates with in-depth knowledge along with competence to lead this change.

Candidates get practical insights and work on real-life case studies with the participation of various other communities and organizations. Innoparks, Incubators, corporate innovation labs, and already existing startups will contribute to enrich the program’s appeal.


Necessary Move for the Digital Ecosystem

Programs that empower business leaders to lead businesses into the digital era specifically fall right in line with the already booming business ecosystem in Switzerland.

At digitalswitzerland, we are thrilled with the prospects of this new EMBA program from the University of Zurich. It’s because of forward-thinking and innovative programs such as these that fuel the cycle of growth, business, education, and innovation – all of which makes Switzerland a promising country for business startups or for setting up and/or running a business.

We know that the EMBA program from the University of Zurich will act as a catalyst to strike out on multiple fronts with varied benefits: creating the right foundation for business leadership, providing skilled resources for businesses, stirring up the much-needed change towards digital, and helping connect communities that do need support. If you need any further information about the EMBA Program, please contact Dr. Christian Schimmelpfennig –

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