Two weeks ago, we gave an insight into the first ‘Mission Rosetta’ robotics camp, which is part of our next generation initiative. Now, also Ginger successfully completed their two camps in Dübendorf and Lausanne and we’re very proud to introduce to you the next generation of digital entrepreneurs!

For one week, 15 to 19-year-old teenagers met at Innovation Park Dübendorf as well as at EPFL in Lausanne to learn in a fun and pragmatic way how entrepreneurs innovate, converting their ideas into consumer products, apps or services users love.

The first day was all about getting to know each other and building the teams in which each student chose a role: CEO, CFO, CMO, etc.

Day two was all about brainstorming: how do you find out what users want, do a great marketing and sell it for the right price? How do you create a cool product in the digital age which satisfies the consumers’ needs? And how do you design, develop prototypes and research competitors? Questions over questions…!

But if you think this would be too challenging for today’s youth – they all proved us wrong.

A total of eight startups where ‘founded’ and presented to an audience of parents, camp partners and special guests on the final camp day:

  • Phoninfo – Crowd intelligence site where games teach critical thinking to teens, allowing them to rate news as fake of real afterwards
  • Woodpecker – App for teens to find e-books and take notes digitally, minimizing the load school students need to carry every day
  • Delta Ergonomics Corporation – bracelet which alerts children using electronic devices when they have a poor neck posture (“Text Neck”)
  • Booked – p2p market place allowing car owners to reserve a parking place in town and provides revenue to parking owners renting theirs
  • FairBall – emerging market citizens can generate 3 hours of electricity daily while playing 30 min of soccer with their ball. For every ball sold in developed markets, one is given to a child in an emerging market
  • SmartSound – Smart Sound Management system allowing workers to filter undesirable noise while collaborating with peers in noisy environments
  • Point – New comers into a city or school can profit not only from shared mobile connection but also from a warm welcoming community. Residents rent their wifi capacity to newcomers and tourists, while creating new friendships
  • Zelos – platform to digitalize and improve the communication between high school students, parent and teachers, especially regarding improvements in schools

Sofia, a 16-year old student, team member of ‘Zelos’, said: “I enjoyed the camp because you don’t memorize things by heart like we do in school. Instead, we discussed problems and ideal solutions. You learn to build a startup from scratch!” 

Leandro, also 16 years old and part of the startup ‘Booked’ explained: “This week we sketched ideas over and over again until we had a good solution for our business idea. I had a super team and good coaches. I would recommend this program to other teens who want to start their own companies one day.“

Digitalswitzerland is happy to support great initiatives such as the Ginger Camps! Stay tuned on our Social Media channels or register your kids to the next Ginger Camp this October in St. Gallen!


Author Lara Fritschi

Project Lead Startup Enablement

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