After three and a half weeks open to startups to apply to the Kickstart Accelerator EdTech vertical, we got over 135 applications from 35 different countries!

A jury of eight experts convened to discuss a shortlist and from those, ten promising startups were selected to participate in the program: four from Switzerland and six international. The program will kick off on September 19 in Lausanne for a dense 11 weeks of acceleration and inspiration.

Meet the 10 EdTech Startups

Dual Academy, Omar Luethi, Switzerland
Dual Academy transforms human potential into effective skills and behaviors for today´s digitalized workplace. Dual Academy’s programs combine impact and scalability. Contextualized and interactive experiential learning accompanied by experienced coaches from around the world is delivered online. This way, the learning can take place on-the-job, wherever and whenever needed, company-wide, worldwide.

Edorble, Gabriel Baker, Cederik Haverbeke, USA
Edorble helps individuals and organizations create, publish, and use beautiful, cross-platform 3D environments for online collaboration and communication. Edorble offers a suite of tools and services, including out-of-the-box software and custom-built solutions. Edorble’s mission is to help schools and companies leverage 3D/VR technology to make online learning more personal, playful, and powerful.

InTeach, Pascal Merme, Jerome Del Olmo, France
InTeach is a mobile app solution for companies based on microlearning and gamification that brings a new, more efficient way of learning through short (3 minutes), actionable and engaging lessons every day.

Malmath, Admir Jashiri, Germany
MalMath offers a personalized math learning platform and a step by step problem solver which fits both student and teacher needs.

Mathrix, Julien Schneider, Filippi Cabalzar, France
Mathrix gamifies science for middle and high school French speaking students using social media. Mathrix teaches maths, physics and chemistry with videos and interactive exercises to motivate students and improve their results.

RyMM, Shaik Naushad, India
RyMM helps play-schools and daycares to collaborate efficiently with parents for the betterment of kids. With RyMM, teachers can check in their students to a mobile app, log kids’ activities and assessments during the day, and send quick updates to parents, while managing their business.

SOSNachhilfe, Christian von Olnhausen, Switzerland
SOS Nachhilfe has been called the new “UBER” of private tutoring and is the winner of the BBCW-Award 2017 in Bern. The company offers professional tutoring (1 to 1) locally as well as online together with a special customer service. Enquiries are responded to in a very short time. The platform and service allows customers to book any teacher at any of their respective available times in a time-efficient manner.

The Experience Accelerator, Sarah Schwab, Switzerland
The Experience Accelerator uses the latest cognitive research and digital technologies to help leaders learn new ideas and behaviors faster and more effectively. Using VR and gaming technologies coupled with feedback from a global network of coaches, the service delivers high quality leadership development for corporations, at scale.  It’s a step change in how to accelerate performance at work.

UbiSim, Gauthier Dubruel, Florian Brutsche, Switzerland
UbiSim is a company dedicated to creating interactive training for nursing students using the new possibilities of Virtual Reality (VR). The platform allows schools to respond to student demand for more practical training time, at a fraction of the costs of today’s solutions in physical simulation centers. With UbiSim, nursing students can learn and review a wide range of medical scenarios in a realistic and fun way and with immediate feedback after a session.

U Smart Toys, Xavier Alabart, Spain
U Smart Toys builds large touch Interactive playgrounds. We uniquely merge digital and real world game mechanics to make kids do sport while they make friends. The interactive toys are designed for shopping malls, city halls, streets and plazas.


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