One week ago, the first national Digital Day kept many parts of Switzerland in awe.

Together with more than 40 partners and no less than three Federal Councillors, digitalswitzerland took Switzerland on a digital endeavor. The goal was to open eyes, explain, discuss, but also to show a glimpse of the digital future as well as the opportunities and challenges ahead. With more than 150’000 people reached physically and a multiple of that online with our website, livestreams, social channels (#digitalday went viral) as well as the media reach in general, we can proudly say that we achieved our goal of involving the Swiss public in a constructive dialog.

We would like to thank our partners and the Federal Government for joining in and making this day special and impactful. We are looking forward to keeping the started dialog alive. Please subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated on our activities in 2018 and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Short timelapse video of the event at Zurich main station

Few impressions on the digitalday

photo credit: Mostly #digitalday


Author Alina Schönenberger, digitalswitzerland

Head of Relations & Operations

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