We live in the midst of a digital transformation and are on the eve of even greater changes happening to society, driven by technological developments. Innovation is accelerating at an exponential pace. Artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, augmented reality, and big data make science fiction our social reality. New technologies will create new opportunities at the same time as they create new risks for society.

The Geneva Initiative on Capacity Development in Digital Policy (the Geneva Initiative) promotes innovative capacity development solutions to embrace digital opportunities and mitigate the risks. It is the result of the Geneva Digital Talks (October – December 2017), online discussions in which stakeholders continued the policy-related dialogue, and research on digital policy. The Geneva Initiative relies on DiploFoundation’s 25 years of experience in capacity development in digital diplomacy and policy, Internet governance, and cybersecurity. Also, it will benefit from the experience and expertise from core partners such as the University of Geneva and the EPFL.

According to Mr. Pierre Maudet, Geneva State Councilor for Security and Economy, who concluded the Geneva Digital Talks: “(…) I see “digitalswitzerland” as a model for something we should try to achieve globally. Offer a platform for multilateral and multistakeholder talks on cybersecurity norms. Maybe the Geneva Initiative will lead to such a global cooperation and allow us to advance in a solution-minded way.

We would like to thank our Steering Committee Member Pierre Maudet for quoting us in such a way. We will give our best to push the initiative further for Switzerland to become a leading digital innovation hub. Worldwide!

digitalswitzerland was also present at the IGF on invitation by the BAKOM on stage…

…as well as at the fair.

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