2017 is almost over, hence we take our time to look back on our content we produced over the year. 2017 was a most interesting year and very active one on top. Within our 5 cornerstones, we took on many initiatives to push Switzerland further in our mission towards a leading digital innovation hub – Worldwide!

Following you can find our Top-Content produced 2017 per each cornerstone:

Political Framework

At the beginning of the year the Digital Manifesto for Switzerland, handed over to Federal Councillor Johann Schneider-Ammann, made some waves throughout Switzerland.

Digital Manifesto for Switzerland

The manifesto became the Digital Action Plan for Switzerland that has been challenge by the Digital Shapers of 2017.

The Class of 2017

Education & Talent

Our call for coding, robotics and entrepreneurship summercamps for kids have been widely shared, read as well as registered to.

A digital summer for kids: Register now! 

Fitting to the above topic of summercamps in Switzerland, was our look toSweden, where coding will soon be standard course in primary schools.

Coding in schools: Soon a reality in Sweden

Startup Enablement

A deep dive in the the factors making Israel a Startup Hotspot and its key takeaways for Switzerland is our hot topic of 2017.

A look at Israel’s innovation hub and take-aways for Switzerland

And of course our Kickstart Accelerator was well received.

Kickstart Accelerator: It’s Bootcamp time!

Thought Leadership

The challenge was of course the main initiative here.

digitalswitzerland challenge: Act instead of talk!

In the last few months we started looking deeper inside the many bets taken and their progress made.

Long Shot or Upset in the Making – Place Your Bets

Public Communication

The announcement of the first Swiss Digital Day was without a doubt our most read blog post of the year 2017.

Bookmark now: The first National Digital Day on November 21, 2017

and now … 2018!

Thanks for joining us, following us, reading us and supporting us in many different ways in 2017. Please accompany us on our endeavour next year as well. There is lots to come!!! Subscribe to our bi-weekly newsletter and stay up to date on all things digitalswitzerland.


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