digitalswitzerland has officially launched the preparations for the next Digital Day 2018 with a workshop on March 1. Together with our partners and members, the Digitalday-Team brainstormed on new ideas and projects for this year’s Big Day on October 25, 2018.

With full speed ahead: New edition, new team

The kick-off event was held in the inspiring Kraftwerk in Zurich. A wide range of activities took place: Introduction, presentation of this year’s plan, brainstorming session and networking. The get-together was well attended and the discussions were lively.

After a word of welcome and a brief review of the 2017 edition, Marc Walder handed over the stage to project leader, Birgit Pestalozzi, who took the opportunity to present the new team in charge of the event and to present the purpose of the Digital Day 2018: To show, teach and involve the Swiss public in all the aspects of the digital transformation.

From a Swiss resident’s point of view

Before the brainstorming session, Diana Engetschwiler, Senior Project Manager, asked everybody to think about how digital they are and how digital their friends and families are. Indeed, it is one thing to talk about digital transformation with professionals and people already active in the field. It is another thing to really take into account concerns and fears of the individual. Thus, one aim of the workshop was to understand the issues towards digitisation, which are of relevance for the people and subsequently, need to be taken into account and addressed during the Digital Day 2018.

As an example, having chosen my mother as a person who does not understand the concept of digitalisation, I thought less about the huge diversity of new technologies and more about the fear of using a machine instead of interacting with people. Will machines really usurp the place of people or do we need to provoke a public discussion about the measures and legislation to put into place to safeguard our values and traditions? This is the kind of thinking we would like to urge to address during the digital day 2018!

Call to action

Do you want to actively shape the digital future of Switzerland? Be part of the most exciting digital adventure in Switzerland and sign up for the Digital Day 2018! Write us an email with your ideas and thoughts until March 15, 2018.

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