After a full year of hard work, we are delighted to present our Annual Report 2017. We kept it short enough to not take too much of your precious time and complete enough to provide you with a deeper insight on what we are actually moving forward everyday.

An impactful year

For many reasons, 2017 will remain in our memories as an impactful year. As you will read in the “Welcome word”, last year was our first full year under our new name and brand digitalswitzerland. From a city-focused initiative, we became a national movement.

Each one of our five pillars, listed in our Annual Report, has deployed concrete actions. We are proud to enable, develop and execute innovation projects.

Projects, like the Digital Manifesto for Switzerland, which made waves throughout Switzerland at the beginning of the year and evolved a few months later to become the Digital Action Plan for Switzerland. From there, tangible implementation projects were developed in six areas.

On its part, with the launch of and the platform Nextgeneration, our pillar “Education & Talent” have laid the foundation to prepare both workers and kids for a new era of digitalisation. Offering summer camps and vocational training.

We have gotten closer

Two significant milestones of last year were the “digitalswitzerland | challenge” and the national “Digital Day“. The first one had the ambitious goal to define bets in various areas and develop projects that bring Switzerland forward. The results were shown on April 9th, 2018. For the second one, the Digital Day, the ambition was to bring the Swiss population together to explain, discuss, but also to show a glimpse of the digital future as well as the opportunities and challenges ahead. Not only 200’000 people reached physically the four train stations, where the event took place, but also a multiple of that online with our website, live streams and social.

Also, digitalswitzerland has made its mark in French-speaking Switzerland opening an office in Lausanne. This establishment has increased the collaboration in Romandie such as the Swiss Robotics Industry Day and the Cybersecurity day.

In Zurich the collaboration and innovation space Kraftwerk was opened, a partnership initiative with Impact Hub, ewz, Engagement Migros and digitalswitzerland. You will find us more and more there, and we invite you to use the 1200 m2 ready to host various events, workshops and meetings.

We stayed on track

We kept our mission all the way through the year of 2017, and we are making Switzerland a leading digital innovation Hub, worldwide. Of course, we are grateful to our members and partners for their trust and support, but also to everyone engaging with us, our Swiss-wide initiative and our impactful projects.

By clicking here you will open the Annual Report 2017. Have a delightful read!
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Author Léonard Héritier, digitalswitzerland

Senior Communications & Project Management

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