The Matterhorn Programme has been launched! During the Digital Day on 25 October, the first three Matterhorn Programmes were presented on the main stage in Zurich.

Swiss Smart Farming – Growing more with less

The aim is to establish Switzerland as a global leader and game-changer in smart farming, generate value for society and open new economic opportunities.

One of the most urgent challenges for our society is the production of sufficient and sustainable food. Rising global population, climate change and unsustainable farming practices create enormous pressure to find paradigm-shifting ways to produce food in the near future. The ETHZ, as one of the leading research institutions in the field of Robotics and Autonomous Systems, Microsoft, as well as other partners have committed to move the dial forward in this field. This can only be achieved if everyone is pulling at the same rope.

Would you like to make a contribution on this topic? Then get in touch with the Swiss Smart Farming Team!

Mobility is becoming more personal, more intermodal and easier.

The aim is to check in, drive and enjoy. You can travel from Luzern to Ascona or any other place in Switzerland without a ticket. You can use your phone to book a Publibike to ride to the station, reserve a seat on the train, board the train without buying a ticket, and book a Mobility car on arrival to get to even the remotest parts of Switzerland. Using a smartphone and other wearable devices, travellers will have mobility on demand across Switzerland and be able to pay for it later. No need to consult timetables or search for information as you will receive personalized information at any time: avoid delays and crowded trains: you will get updates ensuring a more comfortable ride. It’s about getting seamlessly from A to B.

Below the clip in German (and here in French)


The vision is to create an electronic identity. Most online service providers require an account to use their services, which results in countless usernames and passwords to remember. If you want to order something from an online store, you have to create an account and log in. Need to fill out your tax return but are always on the road? Signing and submitting your tax documents online would be a great relief. Sound familiar?

With SwissID, these problems no longer exist. Instead of managing countless usernames and passwords, SwissID gives you secure access to a wide range of online services with a single login. You not only log in simply and securely to Swiss online services, you can also identify yourself and sign documents online in the future. If you want to make your account even more secure, you can simply set up a two-factor authentication.

SwissSign protects your data according to the highest security standards and keeps it in Switzerland.

Are you new to SwissID? Check out our website for more information or create your personal SwissID account in just a few minutes.

What next for these Matterhorn Programmes? As Federal Councilor Johannes Schneider-Ammann says: “Gring abe, und chrampfe” (Get your head down and start working). We are happy to report regularly on these Matterhorn Programmes and look forward to sharing the next milestones with you in the near future!

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