digitalswitzerland projects are about impact. Together – society, politics, business, culture and academics – we want to achieve sustainable progress. Digitalisation is happening at an incredible pace, which is why we believe that we need platforms for visionary projects to be collaboratively and successfully launched. The chances of digitalisation are here – but they must be used socially responsible without losing sight of the dangers. This is why digitalswitzerland wants to use its platforms to find Matterhorn-Projects.


With the Matterhorn-Projects, we want to identify ideas that promise Switzerland and the world sustainable progress. Ideas, which in their implementation themselves would astonish even Elon Musk and Jack Ma. Visionary, colossal and crazy ideas!

We are looking for ideas that have an effect on the macroeconomic level. In his brilliant article, comparing Alfred Escher to Elon Musk, Philipp Stauffer describes common traits between the two entrepreneurs, and what their vision entails: Creating value chains for tapping new profit pool that benefits next generations. Here are some of Alfred Escher’s projects of which Switzerland profits to this day:

  • The Gotthard-Tunnel meant an alternative for businesses shipping goods via France, Austria or Germany to avoid the Alps.
  • Such a project needed technical talent, so Escher was the political force behind establishing the ETHZ – an institution which ranks as one of the world’s top 10 universities.
  • To found such a strategic project, as important as the Gotthard-Tunnel, Alfred Escher founded the Schweizerische Kreditanstalt (now Credit Suisse) and launched an IPO which was oversubscribed by the factor 70 – thereby collecting CHF 221 Million in the 1850s!

We are confident that through new technologies, such paradigm changing projects are imminent – and Switzerland should be at the forefront! These Matterhorn Projects will benefit from the digitalswitzerland structures by using the existing platforms and networks, as well as the Digital Day.

The Dots – Establishing an Ecosystem

The Digital Day, a unique event that enables all of Switzerland – students, kids, parents, grandparents, workers, researchers, artist, politicians, federal councillors and businessmen – to exchange views on the coming challenges of digitization that must be mastered together. These challenges must be identified and ideas and solutions defined. We need to find the digital visionaries like Alfred Escher and give them the means to follow with monumental projects.

At the same time, digitalswitzerland launched the open challenge – an open innovation platform. With this platform, we try to combine the concentrated innovation power of Switzerland. On the platform, questions are asked to the community how innovation and digitization can be taken to a new level through collaborative projects and/or new methodological approaches.

Connect the Dots

With these two platforms – the open challenge, as well as the Digital Day on October 25, which takes place all over Switzerland – the opportunity arises to share pioneering ideas, which were conceived in a digital space, during one of the biggest live-event with the whole of Switzerland.

We are convinced that Switzerland has the most innovative and creative minds, as well as a population that can make conscious and responsible decisions. These elements, a digital platform, a big stage, as well as bright minds and an enlightened population make a one of a kind mix for a groundbreaking change. That is why digitalswitzerland is launching the Matterhorn Projects!

Process of a first ascent

That’s why we need your support! As of April 30, we are looking for ideas for the Matterhorn-Projects on the open challenge platform. Ideas, with the potential to revolutionize Switzerland and the world in a sustainable way.

Ideas can be entered until June 22. What matters to us is a lively exchange on the platform – thereby raising acceptance and the quality of ideas.

After June 22 the most visionary, most colossal and most promising ideas will be selected. At the Digital Day on the 25th of October 2018, these ideas will be presented and with a concrete implementation plan.

Venture of Switzerland for Switzerland

Ideas are a good first step, but not enough to get to the top. If the plan for a first ascent is defined, its feasibility must be checked. What team does the first ascent need, what material and what means – and is there an intermediate camp? digitalswitzerland will do its utmost to identify the right stakeholders and get them on board to realize the groundbreaking and monumental ideas.

That’s why we’re talking about a Venture of Switzerland for Switzerland. From the ideation phase to financing and implementation, we will together – meaning the whole of Switzerland – set a good example and trigger a sustainable and socially responsible innovation wave.

Here you can register for the openchallenge platform.

Here is the link to the openchallenge platform (if you have already registered).

Join us for the new campaign “Matterhorn Challenge” and submit your ideas until the 22nd of June 2018.

The winning projects will get rewarded with a cash prize of CHF 1’000 and VIP tickets to the Digital Day on the 25th of October 2018 in Zurich.