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Innovation imperative: 5 action steps to make intrapreneurship happen

Where do good ideas come from? With today’s innovation imperative for all organisations, it’s important to understand where good ideas come from, and how to turn them into reality. Opportunities are often identified when recognising or anticipating gaps in the market. Employees are not only experts in their specific functions, but also have an insider view of their organisations and trends in their industries. This advantage can be capitalised by fostering intrapreneurship.

For active innovation and intrapreneurship to happen, a few key steps are required to increase the chances of ideas turning into reality successfully:

To learn from the practical experience from experts who look at Corporate Innovation, Collaboration, Acceleration and Venture Capital through a different lens, the Corporate Startup Summit offers a fantastic opportunity!

It’ll take place on 27 and 28 November 2018 at Kraftwerk, in Zurich, bringing together international speakers and attendees for an exchange on best practices. It’ll focus on pushing the boundaries of Corporate Innovation, Acceleration & Intrapreneurship.

Key programme highlights 

In addition, you can meet Laura Erickson, Head of Innovation & Sustainability at swissnex San Francisco, to discuss Open Innovation and the 2nd edition of the SAFT programme (a cross-sector open innovation program connecting industry and startups to accelerate the development of sustainable products and services).

Places are limited; you can book your ticket here.

We look forward to an inspiring and exciting exchange with you at this year’s Corporate Startup Summit!

With high blood pressure – or hypertension – being one of the deadliest diseases in the world, 20 Swiss companies, among them Post, Migros, Swisscom and Schulthess Clinic set out on a serious quest.

They founded Riva Digital. An association, which aimed to develop an app that is able to measure blood pressure – with your smartphone camera.

Riva Digital made a bet: that in less than 12 months they are able to get 100’000 people on board to improve their blood pressure. With their bet «Riva Digital – Making Switzerland fit», the association won the digitalswitzerland challenge in April this year.

The decisive factor for the choice of the project was according to the digitalswitzerland challenge jury the high benefit for the common good. The app is intended to encourage people to monitor their blood pressure more frequently and regularly, enabling a better understanding of blood-pressure  to the health of the Swiss population.

Riva Digital – Making Switzerland fit

The association Riva Digital is now working hard to move forward their project and to win more people for using the app – thus, becoming healthier and more conscious about the dangers of hypertension.

As of today, it is possible to download the app (called oBPM) and become part of the Riva Digital movement! As part of the Riva Digital bet, CSEM is making this cutting-edge technology available to all committed partners and individuals free of charge until 1 April 2019 in the form of a lifestyle app developed with Altran and Pryv.

This allows you to monitor your blood pressure during the Riva Digital betting period and participate in the bet. What are you waiting for?Available in the App Store and on Google Play.

By end of September 2018, the web portal will be accessible on There, you can enter and track your blood pressure values you have measured offline (either at a doctor’s office, a pharmacy or using a device at home).

Why should you do it? 

Measuring and monitoring your blood pressure on a regular basis will help you to identify hypertension early. This empowers you to take informed action to lead a healthier and happier life – for yourself,you’re your loved ones.

In addition, everybody who participates has the chance to will attractive prices. Of course, the data will be handled according to a strict data privacy policy.

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