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23.11.2023 – You are invited to our Lighthouse Event! 🤩

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19.10.2023 – Raise your voice

12.10.2023 – Swiss Digital Days: halftime highlights 🎉

05.10.2023 – Dive into Cyberrisks, Digital Health and Future Skills


28.09.2023 – Swiss Digital Days: in the midst of digitalisation 🎉

21.09.2023 – Highlights and Horizons

14.09.2023 – Swiss Digital Days 2023 officially kicked off! 🎉

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31.08.2023 – 5 more days until Swiss Digital Days 2023

24.08.2023 – Exploring digital frontiers

17.08.2023 – Swiss Digital Days 2023 – Are you ready?

10.08.2023 – Encouraging lifelong learning


27.07.2023 – Breaking down silos

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15.06.2023 – Connect, Collaborate, and Contribute

01.06.2023 – Breaking barriers and embracing diversity


17.05.2023 – Plunge into digitalisation through events

04.05.2023 – Transformative innovations take centre stage


20.04.2023 – 🖋️ Pull out your pen and block your agenda

06.04.2023 – 🏃‍♀️ Stay ahead in the digital age


23.03.2023 – 🤝 Let’s tackle the digital future together

09.03.2023 – Empowered through digitalisation


23.02.2023 – Finding trust in the digital world 🤝

09.02.2023 – 👥 Creating a brighter future together


26.01.2023 – 🤝 WEF 2023: moments of inspiration & engagement

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15.12.2022 – 💡Is Switzerland moving towards a digital healthcare system?

2.12.2022 – 💡Join us and reflect on 2022


17.11.2022 – The digital future: set yourself up for success 🚀

3.11.2022 – 🎬 🎤 That was Swiss Digital Days 2022


27.10.2022 – Swiss Digital Days 2022 Closing Event | Celebrate with us 🎊 🤖

20.10.2022 – Events, Exchanges and Endings ⏳🚀

13.10.2022 – You’re invited to the Swiss Digital Days Closing Event 🎊 🤖

6.10.2022 – Expand your comfort zone with digital skills 🦁 


29.9.2022 – Having trouble keeping track of digitalisation? We’ve got you.

22.9.2022 – Switzerland’s ICT Skills Shortage | Swiss Digital Days & more! 🤖

8.9.2022 – We are attempting to break a world record and we need your help 🤩

1.9.2022 – Swiss Digital Days kick off on the Bundesplatz in Bern💥


25.8.2022 – Who can we trust?💭

18.8.2022 – You’re invited to Swiss Digital Days! 🚀✨

11.08.2022 – Digitalisation doesn’t take a summer break ☀️


28.7.2022 – 👩🏻‍⚕️ Are you taking care of your health?

14.7.2022 – How can we combat the skills shortage?


30.6.2022 – We made it on national TV 📺

16.6.2022 – A summer of opportunities

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19.5.2022 – Don’t hide from Cybersecurity…

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24.2.2022 Meeting AI with critical curiosity

10.2.2022 Shape the digital space you inhabit


27.1.2022 Are you future-workforce ready? 🎓💻 

6.1.2022 – New Year, New Managing Director: Welcome Stefan Metzger! 💥



16.12.2021 Celebrating all that was, is and will be ✨


18.11.201 We’re hiring! Change the trajectory of the digital future


21.10.2021 Digital utopia or dystopia? The choice is yours


23.9.202165% of children today will work in jobs that don’t exist today! 😳


19.8.2021 The internet doesn’t ‘work’ unless you do 😳


28.7.2021 – A new digital profession + ways to shape your career 🤓

8.7.2021 – Is endless growth a myth? 🧐


17.6.2021 – Growth opportunities: Awards, careers & financial support


31.5.2021 – This is one worth clicking: Annual report, free tickets & startup days

6.5.2021 – 10 trending startups, shape a new profession & events for you


16.4.2021 – A new President for digitalswitzerland, Leap Demo Day & more!


25.3.2021 – Coding Camps for kids & awards for educators

2.3.2021 – We’re hiring and discover our new look and feel


6.2.2021 – Young talents, promising startups and much, much more


29.1.2021 – Let’s make Switzerland a leading digital innovation hub!

7.1.2021 – New Year, same mission

The Swiss Digital Initiative is developing the world’s first Label to test and certify the trustworthiness of digital services. For the first time, SDI is now presenting the Digital Trust Label seal. From 2022, the Digital Trust Label will enable users to recognise trustworthy digital services at a glance. From now on, interested companies can register and be among the first whose digital services will be certified with the Digital Trust Label. To place the Label in the broader context of Digital Trust, the Swiss Digital Initiative is publishing a whitepaper with a holistic vision for trust in the digital world.

Download the press release in the sidebar or visit their website.

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Leap by digitalswitzerland, the programme for collaborative innovation, has just launched Learn2Leap! The new fully-decentralised learning programme is an exclusive free offer for employees of digitalswitzerland member organisations to accelerate their innovation journey.

When participating in the programme, you will get insights from leading academics and innovation experts from the University of St. Gallen (HSG) and Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts (HSLU). You will also gain access to useful tools and templates. With over four hours of online lectures, the experts will cover three main areas in consecutive modules:

  1. Transforming organisations for transversal innovation
  2. High-performance teams
  3. Executing innovation

Several different roles are looking to be filled with someone who sees great potential in the digital world. Could this be you? Check out our career page to see how you can support us in making Switzerland a leading digital innovation hub.

We look forward to your application.

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Annual Report 2020

As a Swiss-wide and cross-industry initiative, digitalswitzerland aims to strengthen and anchor Switzerland as a global leader in digital innovation. In 2020, more than 210 member and partner organisations supported this common mission and made a significant contribution to achieving this goal. Together, we were able to continuously mobilise Switzerland on its path to the digital future. Despite the very challenging circumstances, we accomplished to connect various stakeholders to work together, interdisciplinary and future-oriented in outlook towards a shared vision of a digital Switzerland. 

Celebrating its fifth year, digitalswitzerland, with 20 employees in Zurich and Lausanne, helped to ensure that the debate on digitalisation continued in all regions of Switzerland. In addition to the projects outlined below, which were the focus in 2020, the merger with ICTswitzerland was a transformational change for digitalswitzerland that demanded considerable attention. The transition process has already shown that the combination is greater than the sum of its parts. The preparation of the merger led to the segmentation into Association members and politically-neutral Foundation partners.

The year 2020 has undoubtedly pushed digitalisation in Switzerland and worldwide further than ever before. Numerous digital solutions were developed and implemented, and digital progress was made evident, both in everyday life and in the world of work. In some areas, it was possible to switch to digital means and processes in a very short time. A new lease of life was given to the notion that the use of digital technologies can boost productivity, strengthen the resilience of an economy and open up new opportunities for value creation.

“Digital transformation is no longer just a buzzword, but a reality: Working remotely, digital events, homeschooling – all of these are a matter of course today and define our everyday lives. These changes open doors to new realities that were previously considered unthinkable.”

– Nicolas Bürer, Managing Director digitalswitzerland

At the same time, COVID-19 was and remains a stress-test for the entire system, exposing digital deficits. 2020 was a year of many ups and downs for digitalswitzerland. Even as a digital Association, we were not as digital as we thought we were. It was a wake-up call. Rethinking our strategy and priorities was necessary. In doing so, our tried-and-tested flexibility proved to be of great benefit to us. At the same time, many of our members experienced severe losses. This did not leave us unaffected. As ecosystem builders, it was difficult to watch our members endure hardship. And since one of our core businesses is to meet, connect and mobilise, we had to find new ways to do this. 2020 was a roller coaster ride from which we learned a lot.

Outlook for 2021 and beyond

In 2021, our journey into a new world will continue. We will not go back to the life we knew before. Instead, we are entering a new normal, which is a hybrid normal, a new world with many opportunities, many possibilities, both in the digital and physical realms.

This is where the future of work becomes more important than ever. We are all questioning how we will work in the future. As part of this new landscape, we are becoming more and more flexible. The Coronavirus has shown us all how small and fragile we are as human beings. In the future, we will live more according to the principle of solidarity, and we will succeed in taking positive elements from the global crisis to live more sustainably after this exceptional period.

Switzerland’s digital decade

In addition, Switzerland should draw on the experience gained from the crisis to steer and accelerate digital change in the required direction. To this end, the government should press ahead swiftly with the expansion of the necessary infrastructure. It should minimise bureaucratic hurdles and create a regulatory framework that facilitates and promotes digitalisation and allows its prosperous effects to come to light.

The vision for a digital Switzerland in the next few years is for it to become more sustainable and environmentally aware, to be among the top five digital innovation ecosystems in the world, with five to seven new emerging industries in which Switzerland will be a global leader.

Projects 2021

In 2021, digitalswitzerland’s portfolio of activities centre on the following elements: public dialogue with the Swiss Digital Day, which will be larger and focus on strengthening digital skills of the Swiss population over a period of six weeks. This education theme transitions smoothly into other projects of the #LifelongLearning initiative, such as the Boost Programme and the promotion of STEM professions. Our work on policy frameworks to support digital innovation will continue after the e-ID campaign earlier this year with the 99% initiative and the digital infrastructure subject, such as 5G. In addition, activities will revolve around collaboration and innovation. On the one hand, the multi-stakeholder platform Leap continues to grow and on the other we will pursue support for the startup ecosystem to get off the ground, and with Swisstech we make Switzerland more visible abroad. With our cybersecurity programme, the security of citizens, the state and companies in the digital space remains at the core of our efforts.

Download the Financial Statement 2020

Visit our Annual Report Archive to view more reports.

Just as the pandemic has shown the importance of the digital foundations such as good internet speeds, secure data exchange and proper hardware to work well from home, it has also revealed the vulnerabilities of organisations and society. As the physical world seems to stand still, the digital presence (or absence) of private and public actors have become exposed. Digital Infrastructure is an opportunity, but how can we  leverage it to benefit Swiss organisations and society?

With the vision to infuse collaboration and future growth between startups and corporations we developed a lean and efficient matchmaking format – the Startup Bootcamp. Together with our partner we scout the trending ScaleUps in the specific area and connect them with our Swiss corporate network. In just 3 hours we invite participants to over 45 one-to-one meetings.

followed by the start-ups; then there is the opportunity to exchange information in 15-minute one-to-one meetings. Get a glimpse at the trending ScaleUps in the Mobility & Smart City space in 2021:

Urban Connect AGYour corporate shared mobility platform.
V-Labs SAAugmented reality for cm accurate geospatial data.
SoFlow AGA leader in e-mobility working on the future of urban mobility.
Kido Dynamics SAUnderstand people’s mobility to boost your business.
Breeze TechnologiesFighting air pollution with artificial intelligence.
ViaNova.ioEuropean data platform empowering cities with greener mobility and more liveable streets thanks to actionable insights.
Enerdrape SàrlTurning underground environments into renewable source of energy.
Leaftech GmbHThe AI driven digital twin for enhanced building control and design for greater energy efficiency.
ShadeMeDecentralized smart blinds.
Uzufly Sàrl3D modeling of infrastructure and urban projects to enhance engagement and collaboration during the planning phase.
UnivrsesBuilding the autonomous future.
MeepMove smarter, become a Meeper. A new way to travel based on you.
EcosteerData ownership for a new distributed and decentralized data economy.

The Scale up bootcamps is an initiative by digitalswitzerland powered by Venturelab, in partnership with Gebert Rüf Stiftung, and Venture Kick.