Beyond Tech Podcast

In this weekly short-form podcast, we take you beyond the usual techie jargon, and teach you something new about the latest developments in technology with leaders from some of Switzerland’s most innovative Startups – all in around 10 minutes.

In other words, no tech-background required, your curiosity is all that’s needed! Drops every Monday, with your morning coffee.

A podcast from digitalswitzerland, hosted by Matthias Zwingli and produced by Tinka Media.

Creating human skin. What’s next? | with Daniela Marino

Sounds like something from a science fiction movie script? Believe us, it’s not…

Join us on a journey deep into the realms of biotech. How can you create the largest human organ? Why isn’t it possible to produce a human heart in the lab and what are the biggest challenges and opportunities in biotech? Daniela Marino, CEO of Swiss Startup Cutiss unlocks the fascinating challenges and achievements of creating human skin. 

«The first idea of engineering skin started in the 1970s. The idea was great but it didn’t fly, because it’s difficult! To produce a large amount of skin, personalised, and on-demand is a huge challenge.»

Can buildings be smarter than humans? | with Matthias Rebellius

Today we dive into the fascinating world of IoT (internet of things). Matthias Rebellius, COO of Siemens Smart Infrastructure and CEO of Siemens Switzerland unpacks how smart workspaces help you to work more efficiently. What role does IoT play in smart infrastructure and how does Covid-19 affect our working environment?

«Let’s imagine buildings talk and we listen. That’s all we do.»

What’s happening to events during Covid-19? | with Diana Engetschwiler

This week, we speak to Diana Engetschwiler, Senior Director/Head of Public Dialogue + Digital Days at digitalswitzerland. We find out how one of Switzerland’s largest events, Swiss Digital Days, has become hybrid, what role the public play in digitalisation and what the ‘new normal’ of events looks like…

«The future of events is going to be hybrid! The combination between online and offline will stay.»

Digital health: empowering data | with Lea von Bidder

Lea von Bidder is CEO of AVA Women, a Swiss Startup with a mission to revolutionise women’s reproductive health by bringing together artificial intelligence and clinical research. She tells us about her work focusing on the relevant data points, how to make digital health actionable and who she thinks will claim the future of digital health…

«The future of healthcare will be driven by data and data analytics

What the heck is machine learning? | with Alberto di Meglio

Head of CERN openlab, Alberto di Meglio takes us on a path to explain what machine learning is actually about, what the limitations of Artificial Intelligence and big data are, and what we can expect from the future of these technologies?…

«There is biased data, a machine cannot understand that data is not ethically correct