Our revised version of the digitalswitzerland challenge webpage is out! We would like to take this opportunity to thank all participants of the challenge for their commitment and the cooperation regarding this webpage.

For those who are new around here: With the challenge, digitalswitzerland enables interdisciplinary and cross-sector teams to implement their innovative ambitions within a competitive framework.  The challenge demonstrates why Switzerland is a model for sustainable innovation: It opens up potentials, creates new networks and visibly positions Swiss strengths and values within the global competition.

New bets & contacts

All bets are listed on the new website; this means that both bets placed in 2017 and those placed this April are now online. Bets are categorized by status: “successful”, “in progress” and “not pursued”. For example, you can find this year’s audience award winner  “Digitalization as Enabler to Re-Connect Families in Time of War” under “in progress”. The bet “National Research Programs” which has been redeemed appears under the category “successful”. Consequently, the category “not pursued” is for bets that did not make it across the finish line.


If you want to search for bets thematically, you can do that with the new filter: it is divided into topics such as ‘Real Estate’ and ‘Health’, as well as technologies such as ‘A.I.’ and ‘Blockchain’. Challenges, which look at solutions based on blockchain and dealing thematically with health, you can click on both criteria; only the bet “Blockchain Solution for Healthcare and Life Sciences” matches these criteria.

Artwork & Updates

We are also very happy about the new look of the webpage. The new key visual and new pictograms for each bet give the digitalswitzerland challenge a unique look that is recognizable.

We are also pleased to announce further cooperation with Joel Blom. Like last year, Joel will visit new and old bets bringing you the latest news and provide exciting insights. You can check Joel’s posts about last season here.

Place your bets

Do you have an idea how digitalization could solve a pressing issue? You want to see your idea discussed by a larger audience and you would like to give input on other’s ideas? For this purpose, we have put online a channel on the Open Challenge Platform. To access the channel, please register first.

The channel functions as a collecting basin for ideas and bets for the next season of the digitalswitzerland challenge in 2019. As soon as we start the new digitalswitzerland challenge campaign, these ideas will be incorporated, i.e. the idea automatically will be included in digitalswitzerland’s first assessment of the next challenge season.

We are looking forward to your contributions!