The Digital Manifesto is here!

It is a vision for the digitalisation of Switzerland. The goal is clear: Switzerland creates within the context of the digital transformation jobs with high productivity as well as added value and as a result safeguards its wealth.

What started as a workshop in October 2016 between 50 Swiss Pioneers of the Swiss Digitalisation scene, entrepreneurs, Financiers, and Politicians as a statement of intent, has developed further – together with digitalswitzerland – to a full manifesto.

The Manifesto was handed over to Federal Councilor Mr. Johann Schneider-Ammann as part of the Word Web Forum by the initiator of digitalswitzerland – Marc Walder – and Marcel Dobler – Digital Shaper and member of the national council.

The goal of the Manifesto is to function as a comprehensive blueprint for the digitalisation of Switzerland. The Manifesto sets up propositions as to how the digitalisation could impact Switzerland and thereof postulates demands as well as measures to cope with the digital transformation so that prosperity and jobs can be ensured in Switzerland.

In order that the manifesto doesn’t end up as a paper tiger, digitalswitzerland will intensify its collaboration with entrepreneurs, politicians, researchers, and its members to make sure that impactful outcomes result.

You can download the Digital Manifesto for Switzerland here auf Deutsch and en Français and in English.