In partnership with BilanzHandelszeitung and PME, and supported by Innosuisse – the Swiss Innovation Agency, we are delighted to celebrate the 100 Digital Shapers who have made a huge contribution to Switzerland’s digital future. Read detailed interviews with all 100 Digital Shapers in the dedicated Bilanz publication.

We also spoke to a selection of winners to find out more about their fascinating work, what motivates them, their greatest challenges and more.

We extend our congratulations to all Digital Shapers 2023, and thank them for their efforts and continued resilience and visionary thinking.

The categories

This year, the following 10 categories covered:

1. The Spin-off Founders

Entrepreneurs who carve out their idea from a big organisation into a startup

2. The Incubators

People who help digital startups to grow – with money, advice and connections

3. The Internationalisers

Founders and advisors who help their startups to establish a foothold in foreign markets

4. The Nature Techies

People who use digital transformation in order to protect, and preserve nature

5. The Decentralisers

They distribute data around the world leveraging technologies like Web 3.0, distributed ledger, blockchain, cloud & Co.

6. The eMedics

People who use digital transformation to improve various aspects of wellbeing, health and medicine

7. The AI Generators

Masterminds of putting Artificial Intelligence to use

8. The eTeachers

Helping to educate the world using digital tools is their mission

9. The Mobilisers

People who transport mobility into the digital age

10. The Smarties

Experts in the Internet of things that make dumb devices smart