digitalswitzerland’s mission statement is aiming high: We want no less than making Switzerland a Leading Digital Innovation Hub. Worldwide!

To turn the mission statement into reality, we need to think bigger: We want to generate more international buzz for Switzerland, raising its visibility and international connectivity. Hence, it is with pleasure that we introduce our new and sixth project pillar “International Connectivity”.

Fostering international awareness

digitalswitzerland wants to foster the international awareness for the Swiss innovation and technology ecosystem and create an own narrative. Just as Israel, Berlin and Silicon Valley trigger associations, Switzerland must also be able to develop its own identity regarding the digital future. We want Switzerland to trigger more associations than just cheese, chocolate and mountains.

Because we have a lot to talk about. For example:

Not even all Swiss know these facts. While with our other initiatives we push ahead in Switzerland. The flaw from our point of view is that these facts are not known abroad or are not presented uniformly. We will propagate these stories with the new pillar “International Connectivity”.

The plan

To tell the world a different story, besides one of cheese, chocolate and mountains, digitalswitzerland is committed to three levels:

  • First, our goal is to strengthen collaboration with national partners and join forces to shape the (international) discourse on innovation and technology in and about Switzerland.
  • Second, Switzerland must gain visibility. As mentioned above, we need a narrative based on Swiss strengths. Because we are too modest about our inventions and innovations; Switzerland has been a model for sustainable innovation for generations. We are pioneers in new technologies, areas that are known as DeepTech (like A.I., Blockchain, Advanced Robotics, Big Data, IoT, etc).
  • Third, Connectivity is about identifying international networks similar to those of digitalswitzerland and enabling an exchange with them. We want to bring advantages to digitalswitzerland members through exchange with other hubs and the development and transfer of new knowledge, trends or technologies. This enables us to lead a benchmark comparing Switzerland to other hubs.

First steps towards becoming an international hub of innovation

Where to start?

Our first small step is digitalswitzerland’s participation in the Viva Technology Conference, the world’s rendezvous for startups and leaders, in Paris from 24 to 26 May 2018.


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To this aim, digitalswitzerland partners with the Swiss Pavilion at VivaTech (Collaboration), which is presented by Presence Suisse and Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE).

Visibility: The newly launched Presence Suisse campaign “Switzerland – Home of Drones” aims to strengthen Switzerland’s position as a leading location for innovation and technology. Furthermore, Switzerland Global Enterprise and its Swiss Business Hub in France enable innovative Swiss companies from various technology areas (Internet of Things (IoT), robotics, energy, smart city, etc. to show their products. The aim is to draw attention to growing industrial sectors in Switzerland.

The pavilion will demonstrate the advantages of the Swiss ecosystem:

  • spirit of innovation,
  • level of education,
  • location incentives,
  • understanding of sustainability and collaboration.

Connectivity: digitalswitzerland will be present! We want to network with other hubs, identify congruent interests and explore possible collaborations to make the global network larger and more intensive.

digitalswitzerland is very much looking forward to this international endeavour!

Stay tuned: We will report in detail about Vivatech via our Twitter channel and stay updated via our newsletter, subscribe here!