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A broad spectrum of opportunities

Digitalswitzerland’s initiatives are designed to develop, to foster and to connect key areas and stakeholders in the digital transformation. We seek to create tangible benefit of our economy and its key players as well as for us as employees, as consumers and as citizen.

Our initiatives at a glance:

01. Political Framework

We use our network to create and optimize the legal and regulatory framework in order to promote the growth and the influx of startups and digital talent as well digital innovation. We facilitate dialogue between key stakeholders from society, politics as well as economics.

02. Education & Talent

We boost size and quality of digital education over all levels and disciplines. On our platform we bundle education offerings in the fields of digital innovation and transformation, and provide employees and learners with access to these areas. Furthermore, with our initiatives we aim to attract, retain and enable talents.

03. Startup Enablement

Our initiatives provide startups with vital business knowledge and coaching, they offer rich networking opportunities, and provide access to funding. On the other hand, corporates gain access to digital talent with groundbreaking business ideas.

04. Thought Leadership

digitalswitzerland is a cross-industry initiative. We are pioneering projects and events on a cross-sector basis in order to enable open innovation and know-how-transfer. With our lighthouse project we look to the future and bring digital innovation issues to the forefront.

05. Public Communication

We are in a dialogue with the public and raise awareness for the digital innovation and its chances and its challenges for society as well as the economy. At the same time we push our key message “Switzerland as digital innovation hub” on the international stage.

Political Framework

Supporting a political framework for innovation

Digital innovators, startups and entrepreneurs but also our large number of successful SMEs play a role as key drivers of innovation and future growth. We seek to combine – and to amplify – the voices of many of these important participants in the digital transformation in order to promote and to help shape political conditions and regulatory frameworks that are conducive to the development of new technologies, new business models and the respective influx of capital and talent.

Education & Talent

Improving digital skills, for current employees and for the next generation

Digitalisation is bringing major changes to all aspects of life, including education and work. digitalswitzerland is focusing on enabling people of all ages to access digital skills.

We offer a digital platform that bundles education offerings in the fields of digital innovation and transformation, and provides employees and learners with access to these areas.

Learn more: www.educationdigital.ch

With our initiative we support digital education offerings for children and adolescents. Our part is connecting these already existing platforms and providing reach and exposure.

Learn more about our newest initiative «nextgeneration»: www.digitalswitzerland.com/nextgeneration/

Startup Enablement

Helping entrepreneurs to grow and scale – providing members with high-speed access to innovation

Young entrepreneurs are the source of new brilliant ideas and they move with great agility. At the same time they benefit from a strong community to overcome obstacles during the set-up of their business and when seeking to scale.

Our initiatives provide startups with vital business knowledge and coaching, they offer rich networking opportunities, and provide access to funding.

At the same time, our corporate members and sponsors benefit from a high-speed access to leading startups and top talent that can help them accelerate their own ideas and their digital transformation processes.

Startup Bootcamps

Startup Bootcamps is a core program of digitalswitzerland and provides corporates with high-speed access to leading national and international startups.

Learn more: startupbootcamps

Venture Kick

Venture Kick and its programs and events aim to close the gaps within the Swiss innovation chain. Venture Kick focuses on supporting the development of both Swiss and international founders, from the first idea to the successful scaling for international markets.

Learn more: www.venturekick.com

Startup INVEST

Startup Invest is Switzerland’s leading financing platform for Swiss High-Tech Startups. Next to being a matchmaking platform between investors and startups for all range of investments from Seed to later stage investments, it is also the main force for the professionalization of the Business Angel and Venture Capital ecosystem in Switzerland.

Learn more: www.startupinvest.ch

Thought Leadership

Carefully created platforms


Our carefully created events, such as the World Web Forum and the Investor Summit, seek to provide the platforms where established organizations, pioneering new talent and influential stakeholders in the digital transformation can build these ever important connections and where they find further inspiration.

World Web Forum

Get inspired with speakers from around the world of digitalization at the World Web Forum 2017, day 1.

For deep insights into state of the art developments in key sectors visit the World Web Forum satellite events, day2.

World Web Forum

Interested? Contact us.

Investor Summit

Highly targeted and curated half-day event in Zurich, especially customized to the needs of international investors interested in connecting with the very best of Swiss startups. With selected investors from international key markets.

Interested? Contact us.

Digital Summit for SME

Swiss knowledge conference with workshops and think tanks

“New thinking – new actions” is the topic of the Digital Summit, a conference aimed to support and motivate business leaders along the digital transformation of SMEs 4.0. During this two day long event leading experts and top keynote speakers will present actual solutions about the “How to do”, well explained with best practice cases. They offer guidance, support und in-depth insights in the areas of organisation, process, leadership and marketing.


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Act instead of talk. With the challenge, digitalswitzerland brings interdisciplinary and cross-sector teams with convincing ideas in the field of digitalization to the fore. They translate key projects of digitalization into action more quickly, more effectively and sophisticatedly thanks to the concentrated power of large companies, SMEs, start-ups, academia and politics.



Public Communication

Dialogue with the public and international reach


digitalswitzerland maintains contact with the public and sensitizes for issues on digital innovation. Chances of digital transformation will be shown as well as anxieties will be taken seriously and addressed.

We invest in our international reach for our Swiss qualities and traits as digital innovation hub.