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«Change in the Board of Directors of digitalswitzerland: Ivo Furrer becomes President»

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«Second Swiss Digital Day: making digitalisation accessible»

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«Switzerland now ranks fifth in the IMD World Digital Competitiveness Ranking: good overall conditions, not (yet) living up to its full potential»

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«As part of Digital Day, digitalswitzerland is organising a national video competition for schools»

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«50 international startups aim to gain a foothold in Switzerland»

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«We want to raise awareness of the urgency of digitalisation»
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Getting ready for the world of tomorrow: Inspiring kids for technology and entrepreneurship in nextgeneration camps

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All players place your bets: the digitalswitzerland challenge enters its second round.

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Fresh wind in the Swiss start-up scene:
digitalswitzerland launches the “Startup Bootcamps”.

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High-calibre panel at WEF to discuss the intersection between technological innovation and social acceptance Media Release: DE | FR | EN

Second Swiss Digital Day to take place on 25 October 2018

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More than 500 people attending the Cybersecurity Day 2017

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First Digital Day – Public experiences digitization up close

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70 digital shapers approve projects promoting the digital transformation of Switzerland

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The official launch of activities in Suisse romande

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The Swiss wide unique “Kraftwerk” for innovation and collaboration in Zurich Selnau has opened

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