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The security of citizens, the state and companies in the virtual space is our concern. We provide information about risks and implement measures to increase digital security together with the public sector.

Security in the digital space

The rapid increase in activities in the digital space is leading to new risks for citizens, the state and companies. We raise awareness of these risks by providing target-group-specific information and launch project initiatives to increase security. In this way, we want to ensure the use of information and communication technology (ICT) to promote innovation, economic and social prosperity.

Key messages

Key messages

Foster innovation

We connect startups, companies, public administration, investors, research and education, creating an ecosystem that fosters innovation and entrepreneurship in the field of digital security.

Key messages

Create awareness

We inform citizens and SME about risks in the digital space in cooperation with the private sector and the federal government’s National Cyber Security Center NCSC.

Key messages

Provide support for SME

We provide free online-tools such as the Cybersecurity quick check for SME and promote the implementation of suitable security standards and tools.

The Cybersecurity Committee

The Committee is the specialised body of digitalswitzerland for issues related to the detection and prevention of cyber risks. The committee is made up of cybersecurity experts from the administration, associations, business and science. The goal is to contribute to a cyber-resilient Switzerland.

Cybersecurity quick test for SMEs

With the cybero quick test, you will find out whether your company is sufficiently protected against cyber risks.

CyberSeal - the seal of approval

The CyberSeal confirms that an IT service provider implements appropriate technical and organisational measures to guarantee its customers adequate protection against cyber risks. The CyberSeal contributes to increasing the cyber resilience of Swiss SMEs.

Representative surveys on digital security

Within the framework of representative surveys on digital security, we create a knowledge base to identify challenges related to digital security in business and society. This creates the basis for informing citizens and companies about the risks in the digital space and for taking targeted measures to protect against cyber risks.

White Paper Supply Chain Security

In Switzerland, digital products from various national and international suppliers are used in all sectors, from industry to the police and the armed forces. The white paper “Supply Chain Security” lays bare alarming weak points in the digital supply chain. Independent and credible testing that adequately ensures the integrity of purchased cyber products is necessary in order to reveal hidden vulnerabilities, backdoors and implanted malfunctions.

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Andreas W. Kaelin
Senior Advisor