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Digital Health

Digital Health is pivotal to ensure that Switzerland’s healthcare system is efficient, cost-effective and patient-centric. A digital transformation will increase transparency, accessibility and understanding of health information for the entire Swiss population. All healthcare actors need to collaborate to transition the healthcare system to the digital space and create a population mindshift.

Our goal and identity

We want to digitalise the entire healthcare system in Switzerland and make it patient-centric. We will do these by:

  • Empowering the population by raising awareness on digital and health literacy to lead to a healthy population (moving from a ‘sickcare’ to healthcare)
  • Building trust in digitalisation and placing the patient at the centre and giving him/her autonomy over his/her data
  • Being a neutral player to orchestrate all stakeholders of the ecosystem and build relationships with existing solutions, initiatives and digital nations

We want to bridge the existing gaps to ensure a coherent efficient healthcare network in Switzerland.

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Lack of national guidelines and standards

  • Switzerland has a decentralised healthcare system
  • Each canton of Switzerland has its own health policies

Lack of trust in digitalisation and fear of data storage

  • Patients are not well informed on the location of their data storage
  • Swiss citizens fear digital systems

Lack of health and digital literacy

  • 49% of the Swiss population has issues to process information and use health services*
  • 75% of the Swiss population has low health literacy related to healthcare system navigation*
  • Digital upskilling is not part of all the education curriculums leading to healthcare professions

* De Gani S.M., Rebecca J., Bieri U., Kocher J.P. Health Literacy Survey Schweiz 2019–2021. Careum Stiftung; Zürich, Switzerland: 2021. Schlussbericht im Auftrag des Bundesamt für Gesundheit.


Lack of data interoperability

  • Lack of standardisation, harmonisation and comparability between health data
  • Each organisation/department has its own IT system to store health data

Lack of legal framework for an integrated smart solution

  • Electronic Patient Dossier (EPD) follows the principle of double voluntarism
  • Swiss laws leave no room for innovation, new technologies or agility

Digital Health Committee

digitalswitzerland’s Digital Health Committee is active in shaping the future of digital health in Switzerland. This group of energised and committed members is working to digitalise the entire healthcare system and make it patient-centric.


With our projects, we aim to foster synergies and knowledge exchange between different players of the healthcare including the citizens. This is crucial to accelerate the transition of the healthcare system to the digital space and make it patient-centric.

Partnerships & Events

Through our partnerships and events, we find opportunities, identify synergies and create the space for knowledge exchange with other healthcare players to digitalise the healthcare system and make it patient-centric.

Have ideas to share?

Do you want to leverage, boost, network and innovate in digital health? Get in touch, we would be happy to exchange with you and share more about our activities.

Contact us

Get in touch for more information on our varied programmes and activities.

Jade Sternberg
Senior Project Manager Digital Health
Cécile Schluep
Project Manager Digital Health & AI Alliance