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Education, Professionals & Diversity

Education is key to ensure Switzerland’s continued prosperity and innovative strength. In dialogue with society, economy, politics, and educational institutions, we set the course for a high-performing digital workforce pipeline to transform Switzerland into a leading digital nation.

Education boosts international competitiveness

In order to remain competitive, Switzerland’s most important resource is education. The Swiss education system faces major challenges. Global economic and ecological changes and the rapid development of information technology are transforming our lives. A good understanding of this is a central aspect of general education, especially in basic vocational training and continuing education. The employability of the population must be ensured. A critical discussion and joint actions with society, economy, politics and educational institutions is necessary.

Key messages

Key messages

Foster digital and STEM competencies

Rapidly evolving technologies and practices require adaptation, new knowledge and skills. Digital and STEM competencies are a must to remain future-proof.

Key messages

Promote digital vocational training

New, future-proof professions must be anchored in the educational system, more apprenticeships must be created, and the expansion of higher vocational education must be driven forward.

Key messages

Ensure strong pipeline of skilled professionals

Innovative and competitive economies rely on a qualified workforce. Education choices and workplace upskilling and reskilling ensure a strong generation of qualified specialists.

The Education, Professionals & Diversity Committee

This committee is active in securing the next generation of skilled workforce and supports qualified education and continuing training at all educational and age levels. It highlights the importance of lifelong learning, digital and STEM skills.

Politics & Surveys

With education policy discourses and campaigns, we create awareness for new technologies and actively influence the agile and innovative further development of our education system.

Projects & Campaigns

Our projects and campaigns promote stronger investment by all in lifelong learning and digital and STEM competencies.

ICT-Berufsbildung Schweiz

digitalswitzerland is the main funder of the national organisation ICT-Berufsbildung Schweiz. With this support, ICT-Berufsbildung Schweiz promotes the offer in the field of vocational education and training in accordance with the Vocational Education and Training Law (Art. 1) and ensures sustainable professions and specialisations.

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Simon Schmidli
Senior Project Manager and Team Lead Education, Professionals & Diversity
Fiona Könz
Project Manager for Education, Professionals & Diversity
Nicole Lüthi
Project Manager for Education, Professionals & Diversity
Christina Zimmermann
Project Manager for Education, Professionals & Diversity