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We are confronted with two interlinked mega topics that threaten sustainable habitats: climate change and biodiversity loss. We see these as digital catalysts for good. Digital solutions are paving the way for a sustainable future and as a driver for accelerating innovation in this domain and for sustainable solutions. This is why we create new digital and sustainable lighthouses and support initiatives that lead the way.

1) WISER for Climate

The unique global platform WISER will ease access for businesses, governments and organisations to reliable and consistent greenhouse gas (GHG) data. The large-scale consortium is a flagship programme supported by the Federal government.

The WISER solution(s)

The WISER consortium, with the support of the Swiss government, tackles challenges in GHG accounting by creating a digital ecosystem of open source web services. This will simplify the management of various data formats and standards with automated and auditable GHG assessment procedures which:

  • can use different data sources
  • adapt to models of different standards consistently
  • connect to different computational tools of different organisations (e.g. with APIs)
  • bring the GHG information to businesses with dashboards

The project started early 2022 and will continue until the end of 2025. In summer 2023, WISER will launch three prototypes to demonstrate the key advantages of using a digital ecosystem and WISER solutions.

WISER graphic

2) Biodiversity | Digital Accelerator

This accelerator promotes green transition solutions from startups and scaleups. It stimulates innovation to generate greater impact with digital solutions that enable real transformation towards a sustainable future.


The digital biodiversity accelerator was born out of a clear need for more digital solutions to be implemented at greater scale to address challenges in biodiversity. This programme will bring together relevant stakeholders, also leveraging our corporates and NGO networks.


The programme will support the growth and impact of scaleups or, where solutions are clearly lacking, identify early-stage ideas that could rapidly establish product-market fit. The programme is time-limited, cohort-based and mentorship-driven.


The overall objective is to scout and accelerate the growth of 5-10 startups and scaleups. Key Performance Indicators include:

  • Communication: media mentions of the accelerator programme and its participants
  • Networking: number of corporate and NGO partners who mentor participants through the accelerator
  • Partnerships: number of partnerships, proof of concept, joint ventures, or investment secured between participants and digitalswitzerland corporate members
  • Job growth: increase in number of FTEs during the programme and in the subsequent 12 months
  • Revenue growth: increase in top line revenues during the programme and in the subsequent 12 months

Call to Action

As participants:

  • Scaleups: The characteristic of a scaleup is that it has already established a business model, including product-market fit, in at least one market. The key challenges for a scaleup may include growing market share, expanding to different markets and diversifying the solution offering.
  • Startups: In the accelerator programme, we keep the possibility open to include additional companies if we see high relevance to our objectives.

As supporters, coaches, networkers, funders and fast thinkers:

  • Members: Members of digitalswitzerland benefit directly from being at the forefront of an upcoming issue. The sharing of knowledge and a network can be built up in a cohort of experts and early-stage entrepreneurs.
  • NGOs that are experts in the field of biodiversity.

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