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We may not have all the answers, but all questions are welcome. Please feel free to send us your media inquiries, your questions about membership or non-political partnership, your ideas or requests. We look forward to hearing from you, in any of the Confederation’s official languages or in English.

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Do you have any further questions about becoming a member of digitalswitzerland or a non-political partner of our foundation? We would be delighted to discuss our offers with you.

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Inspiration and Networking

Get involved with your organisation in our community and find inspiration through cross-functional exchange with change-makers as well as valuable keynotes to drive your own innovation forward.

Extend your network and don't miss a beat

We pride ourselves on having a valuable cross-sector network. We bring together stakeholders from different fields to encourage dialogue between members, while reducing industry and competition-based thinking. This helps to stimulate innovation. We break silos while providing inspiration and opportunities to help members grow to their full potential. Our goal is to create an environment for more innovation where there is a rich ecosystem to discover new trends in digital transformation.

We believe that the most innovative people and organisations should be rewarded and highlighted to inspire others. We want to let you shine.

Key messages

Key messages


In events for all members and join exclusive events for leaders (6+ per year) within our network.

Key messages


Our active network consists of 1000+ entrepreneurs, change-makers and top executives.

Key messages

Be inspired

We want to break silos, inspire, showcase and give you new opportunities to be even more innovative.

Digital Gipfel

This prestigious format gives members insights from keynote speakers on various topics related to digital transformation. It connects decision makers from industry, academia, business and politics. The aim is to support and drive change. The Swiss Digital Summit makes an important contribution to help shape and tackle the complex effects of digitalisation in Switzerland.

WEF Breakfast

We offer inspiration and networking opportunities for a successful WEF day. Our members can network with top executives and C-Level attendees at the World Economic Forum in Davos. Enjoy inspiring key note speeches that kick-off a programme of events full of energy, excitement and inspiration.

Beyond Tech Podcast

In this weekly short-form podcast, we take you beyond the usual techie jargon, and teach you something new about the latest developments in technology with leaders from some of Switzerland’s most inspiring thought leaders and innovative Startups – all in around 10 minutes. In other words, no tech background required, your curiosity is all that’s needed!

Digital Shapers

In partnership with Bilanz and Handelszeitung, digitalswitzerland embarks on the exciting quest to identify and celebrate the 100 people advancing Switzerland on its journey to become a leading global digital hub of innovation.

To promote and celebrate this special campaign, we hear from some Shapers from the ten varied categories.

Digital Competitiveness Summit

In partnership with EPFL and IMD, our members are invited to discuss Switzerland’s digital competitiveness. This event follows the annual IMD World Digital Competitiveness Ranking. Taking place in Lausanne, it is a chance for members and renowned experts to assess Switzerland’s strengths and weaknesses. Through networking and the sharing of key insights, we foster an environment to advance Switzerland as a leading digital innovation hub.

Politcal Monitoring

We keep our members and partners updated on the latest developments through regular mailings and newsletters. The association provides updates about recent developments in Swiss, European and worldwide digital politics.

Session Events

Together with parliamentary groups such as Parldigi, we host session events on topical digital policy issues. The events provide an important platform for exchange and networking opportunites between economy, politics and academia.
Invitations are exclusively for politicians, representatives of the administration and our members. Events most commonly are held in Bern and are held in German language.

Community Events

To fulfil our member and partner needs, the Member Engagement team organises community events so that members can share and gain know-how on hot topics. These events are the perfect place for networking and increasing visibility. More information following soon.

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Get in touch for more information on our varied programmes and activities.

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Head of Relationship Management
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Project Manager | Education, Professionals & Diversity