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We might not have all the answers but we welcome all questions. Please reach out to us with media inquiries, questions about membership or non-political partnership, ideas or requests. We look forward to hearing from you in any of the official Swiss languages or English.

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Do you have any further questions around becoming a digitalswitzerland member or a non-political partner of our foundation? We are happy to have a conversation with you about our offerings.

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Politico-Economic Environment

digitalswitzerland helps to ensure that the potential of digital technology is better used across all areas. We raise the awareness of policy-makers and government on issues affecting the digital economy.

Political framework

Digitalisation is a transversal issue and is a crucial factor ranging from health policy and security policy to media and financial policy. Therefore, a technology-savvy view of all dossiers and an open dialogue across the various disciplines are necessary. digitalswitzerland is actively involved in ensuring that the opportunities and challenges of digitisation are recognised and taken into account in the legislative process. We moderate between economy, politics, administration and academia.

Key Messages

Key Messages

Establish know-how

Political decisions have a major impact on innovation and economic development. We inform our members about relevant political debates and decisions in the field of digitisation.

Key Messages

Maintain a dialogue

digitalswitzerland brings together representatives from economy, politics and administration for an open discussion or in depth examination in specialist groups to foster an inclusive dialogue.

Key Messages

Take a position

digitalswitzerland analyses political dossiers and, where useful and necessary, takes a public position on the ongoing political discourse.

The Public Affairs Committee

The Public Affairs Committee is responsible for the discussion and evaluation of political issues in digital politics. Where necessary and appropriate, digitalswitzerland’s concerns are communicated to politicians and the public in the form of statements, position papers or at events.

Parliamentary groups and session events

In the national parliament, we belong to one parliamentary group that deals with digital politics: the parliamentary group digital sustainability Parldigi. Together, we regularly organise session events on current digital policy issues.

Political statements

digitalswitzerland advocates for clear understanding and favourable framework conditions enabling the successful digitisation of Switzerland. Where appropriate, statements and position papers are elaborated for the attention of policy-makers, and information and discussion events are organised.

Political positions taken by digitalswitzerland reflect exclusively the opinion of the digitalswitzerland association and its members, and not the position of the foundation’s members.


digitalswitzerland keeps its members up to date – with regular mailings and newsletters, the association informs about recent developments in Swiss digital politics.

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For questions and input, you can contact us via

Dominique Reber
Head of B2G
Guillaume Gabus
Public Affairs & Portfolio Management