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We might not have all the answers but we welcome all questions. Please reach out to us with media inquiries, questions about membership or non-political partnership, ideas or requests. We look forward to hearing from you in any of the official Swiss languages or English.

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Do you have any further questions around becoming a digitalswitzerland member or a non-political partner of our foundation? We are happy to have a conversation with you about our offerings.

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Startup Ecosystem

We provide a national platform to foster support and innovation to grow the Swiss startup ecosystem. We increase national and international cooperation, connect corporates to startups and work to strengthen this network. Our goal is to position Switzerland as a leading global tech hub.

What is it about

Our initiatives focus on increasing local, national and international connectedness. We match our corporate membership base with high-growth ScaleUps and top talent. This helps to accelerate growth and the strength of the Swiss startup ecosystem.

Key messages

Key messages

Strengthen the ecosystem

We are the neutral platform that connects, strengthens and promotes Swiss startup and scaleup organisations on a regional, national and global level.

Key messages

Foster entrepreneurship

We encourage, nurture, foster and strengthen entrepreneurial spirit within individuals and organisations in order to secure continuous innovation coming out of Switzerland.

Key messages

Empower female founders & investors

Anyone can be a source of innovation. Yet few are treated as such. We support women and minorities in found companies and talking about their success.

ScaleUp Bootcamps

We match corporate members with innovative ScaleUps and talent to speed-up digital transformation and success.

Startup Days

digitalswitzerland is a proud partner of the Swiss Startup Days. This is one of the leading events for the Swiss startup ecosystem with over 800 selected participants.

Beyond Tech Podcast

In this weekly short-form podcast, we take you beyond the usual techie jargon, and teach you something new about the latest developments in technology with leaders from some of Switzerland’s most innovative Startups – all in around 10 minutes. In other words, no tech background required, your curiosity is all that’s needed!

Swiss Startup Battles

The Startup Battle showcases the ideas of young and bright entrepreneurs and how they want to change the future.

NOAH Zurich

digitalswitzerland is a proud partner of NOAH, Europe’s premier networking event where leading startups, investors and senior executives come together to build new partnerships and explore new market trends.

Startup Radar

Swiss startups founded in the past ten years ten years have created around 50,000 jobs in Switzerland. But what does this mean in comparison with other nations? The Swiss Startup Radar is a yearly publication that compares the performance of the local ecosystem with other countries and regions on the basis of quantitative analyses.

Swiss Venture Capital Report

The freely accessible Swiss Venture Capital Report is the reference publication for investment in Swiss start-ups. The annual report provides an analysis of the financing rounds, a list of the investments and an overview of the most important exits.

Scale Up Cruise & Slopes

This event format brings together scaleups, startups and investors to network, spin ideas, strengthen the network and discuss how we can take the Swiss ecosystem to the next level. All in an exclusive and exciting event on snow or water.


This is a private-public initiative that aims to raise Switzerland’s profile as a world-leading innovative location for business and to increase the visibility of its deeptech and other state-of-the-art companies as well as of its research excellence abroad.

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Get in touch for more information on our varied programmes and activities.

Phil Norris
Senior Manager Scaleup Enablement