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The digitalswitzerland Foundation

The digitalswitzerland Foundation is a politically neutral entity that is part of the digitalswitzerland initiative and ecosystem aiming to anchor Switzerland as a leading global hub for digital innovation. digitalswitzerland Foundation mainly consists of partners from academia, public organisations and NGOs/NPOs, and provides an open, independent and neutral forum to discuss and address issues related to the digital transformation, while developing the digital literacy of the Swiss population.

About the digitalswitzerland Foundation

The Foundation is set up as a self-governed fund under the umbrella of the Fondation des Fondateurs (FdF). Its operations started in 2021 with the purpose to provide a neutral platform for various stakeholders in Switzerland with a focus on digital transformation, and to develop the digital literacy of the Swiss population. This is done through the implementation of its Digital Xchange project while continuing its collaboration with the digitalswitzerland association. We invite all interested organisations to join, support and participate in the Foundation’s activities, and to contribute to its goals.

About Digital Xchange

Digital Xchange is a series of experts interviews, public focus groups, and debates. Digital Xchange offers a neutral space for actors from the private and public sectors, as well as academia, NGOs and CSOs, to address how digitalisation impacts society. These ongoing interactions bring to light transversal needs and opinions, raise the topic to the public agenda and feed in policy preparation, while fostering collaboration by building bridges and busting silos. Each year a new topic that lies at the interface between digitalisation and society, which is of strong public interest, is chosen for the series of interactions. In 2022 we are focusing on digital divides and digital inclusion.

About the 2022 topic: Digital divides and digital inclusion

While digital transformation began 20 years ago, we are now more conscious of its speed and transversality. Digitalisation dominates all sectors of society. The global pandemic further advanced rapid digitalisation, however, it also revealed digital inequalities resulting from differences among people in their digital skills, competences and usage.

About the expert interviews

Experts and key stakeholder interviews are organised early in the year to generate reliable, fact-based information and different perspectives on a topic. The interview’s synthesis serves as a basis to feed in the public focus groups and the Digital Xchange Forum. Are you an expert or a key stakeholder and would like to share your insights during a 30 minutes online interview on this year’s topic? Contact us today.

About the public focus groups

As part of the digital Xchange’s series of interactions, public focus groups are organised by digitalswitzerland Foundation, in collaboration with its partners during the months of May and June to invite the Swiss population to raise questions and discuss the opportunities and challenges of a rapidly advancing digital future. As a result of these Swiss-wide focus groups, the population’s key fears and hopes are captured.

Are you a Foundation partner or would like to become one and collaborate with us to organise a public focus group in your region ? We are happy to hear from you.

About the Digital Xchange Forum

As part of the Digital Xchange’s series of interactions and building on the inputs of the experts interviews and public focus groups, a yearly multi stakeholders and solutions-oriented Forum is organised in September to co-create tangible outcomes and foster collaborative actions, such as a set of recommendations, position papers, or calls for collaboration.

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Sébastien Kulling
Executive Director, digitalswitzerland Foundation
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Project Manager, digitalswitzerland Foundation