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We might not have all the answers but we welcome all questions. Please reach out to us with media inquiries, questions about membership or non-political partnership, ideas or requests. We look forward to hearing from you in any of the official Swiss languages or English.

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Do you have any further questions around becoming a digitalswitzerland member or a non-political partner of our foundation? We are happy to have a conversation with you about our offerings.

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The digitalswitzerland Foundation

The digitalswitzerland Foundation is a politically neutral entity that is part of the digitalswitzerland ecosystem aiming to transform Switzerland into a leading digital nation. The Foundation offers an open platform for multi-stakeholder debates and interactions to address challenging and current digitalisation topics, and to co-create tangible outcomes and innovative solutions by building bridges and breaking silos. Developing digital literacy among the Swiss population is also one of the Foundation’s objectives.

About the digitalswitzerland Foundation

The Foundation is a non-political entity set up as a self-governed fund under the umbrella of the Fondation des Fondateurs (FdF). It consists of partners from academia, international organisations, non-governmental and non-political organisations, civil society, as well as public and private institutions. Operations started in 2021 with the creation of the Digital Xchange project and activities focusing around 3 pillars:

Key messages

Key messages

Bottom-up dialogue with the population

The Foundation, in collaboration with interested partners, raises awareness about current hot digitalisation topics and invites the public for dialogue to learn more about people’s hopes and fears, and competences needs. This open forum approach allows everyone to be heard.

Key messages

Digital Xchange Forum

The Foundation once a year convenes diverse actors to discuss and address challenging and current digitalisation topics to co-create tangible outcomes and recommendations by building bridges and breaking silos.

Key messages

Catalyst role

The Foundation acts as a catalyst for ideas by creating opportunities for stakeholders to meet, share experiences and implement the best concepts and projects. It uses its strong network of members to make this happen.

Digital Inclusion

The Foundation is working on digital inclusion with its partners across Switzerland. Find out more about the work and outcomes in the population.

Digital Xchange

The Digital Xchange format fosters bottom-up dialogue with the public about challenging digital topics. In collaboration with Foundation partners, these interactions help capture the hopes and fears of the population and identify their needs.

Get involved

The Foundation is always looking to develop its network to increase its impact. It welcomes all interested actors to join its mission and activities.
By becoming a partner of the Foundation, you bring your own vision of digitalisation within a national initiative. Your voice counts in defining the key themes related to digital transformation. You will meet and exchange with diverse and complementary stakeholders and find new partners for collaboration. You can also strengthen your presence within the Foundation and take a more active role in shaping its specific objectives and contributions. Partners can use and disseminate content produced by the Foundation and share their own within the Foundation network.

Foundation Board

To reflect the various profiles of Foundation partners, the Board comprises representatives from academia, civil society, public institutions and business and guides the strategic vision of the Foundation. It oversees the Foundation’s work in promoting dialogue among various stakeholders and driving impact.

Contact us

Get in touch for more information on our varied programmes and activities.

Sandrine Denti
Managing Director digitalswitzerland Foundation