Project Pillars

digitalswitzerland’s project pillars are designed along our key activities.

With our projects, we aim to foster best practices, knowledge and understanding around digitalisation. Also of particular importance to us is that we can connect and bring together the brightest minds, visionaries and pioneers to think about opportunities and challenges of digitalisation. We not only want to talk the talk, but walk the walk! Thus, we try to see further and implement concrete projects, while at the same time being in a dialogue and intense exchange with the Swiss public.

Politico-Economic Environment

Commitment to political framework conditions that support a thriving  innovation ecosystem

To promote both innovation in Switzerland and digital transformation in all areas of society, it takes not only business and academia, but also the support and willpower of the government to move ahead. Ideal framework conditions are necessary to make use of the potential of digitalisation. Therefore, an intensive exchange between business, academia and governmental stakeholders is essential and stimulating at the same time.

Digital Action Plan

To move Switzerland forward, a Digital Action Plan was established in 2017. It encompasses Within this Digital Action Plan, six action fields filled with concrete implementation projects, out of which specific recommendations were created. The action fields include the following:

  • Society | Digital Transformation
  • Business | Ecosystem | Innovation
  • Education | Research
  • Regulation
  • Infrastructure | Data Policy
  • Cyber Security

Within the Digital Action Plan, digitalswitzerland organises workshops for its members to push the projects forward, together with relevant partners from the network. Deepdive issues include blockchain technology, cybersecurity and health. Ideas such as the E-ID, mobility initiative as well as push for 5G have their origins within this project.

100 Digital Shapers of Switzerland

In cooperation with Bilanz and a jury of experts, digitalswitzerland nominates each year the top 100 digital shapers of Switzerland. Together with the digital shapers, digitalswitzerland launched the digital manifesto, which found its way into the Digital Action Plan. For 2018, digitalswitzerland and Bilanz are looking for the next generation of digital shapers. Check out the digital shapers of 2017.

Education & Talent

Improving digital skills, for current employees and for the next generation

A truly innovative economy is based on both a solid education that builds on the past and looks to the future as well as talent development. As digitalswitzerland’s mission is to make Switzerland a leading digital innovation hub – worldwide, our Education & Talent initiative promotes digitalisation in both those areas. From compulsory and tertiary education to apprenticeship and lifelong learning, we aim to encourage and promote digital skills and competencies throughout the country for all ages and interests.

Education Digital

Our digital platform bundles lifelong education offerings in the fields of digital skills and provides employees and learners with access.

Visit educationdigital to see current offerings


Our initiative «nextgeneration» supports digital education offerings for children and adolescents to start early to create curiosity and build fundamental skills. Our job is to connect these existing platforms and provide reach and publicity via our channels and network.

Learn more about our initiative nextgeneration

 «Top Talent»

Our Top Talent study indicates that Switzerland and its ecosystem need to gear up in order to fill the future gap in top talents.

For more information, read our report here.


Our Ateliers adapt. help SMEs to carry out a needs analysis, identify a possible field of action and develop a roadmap for the implementation of a relevant digital project. A pilot is taking place in the French-speaking part.

Learn more about our Ateliers adapt. (in French)

Startup Enablement

Helping entrepreneurs to grow and scale – providing members with high-speed access to innovation

Young entrepreneurs are the source of new and brilliant ideas, moving with great agility. At the same time, they benefit from a strong community to overcome obstacles during the set-up of their business and when seeking to scale.

Our initiatives provide startups with vital business knowledge and coaching, offer rich networking opportunities and provide access to funding.

In a world in flux, companies need to unlock new ideas and business models to stay on top and compete with new global players. Our corporate members and sponsors benefit from high-speed access to leading startups and top talents that can help them accelerate their own ideas and digital transformation processes.

digitalswitzerland Bootcamps

A strong startup ecosystem is at the heart of innovation. Therefore, we launched a new entrepreneurial programme for startups: the digitalswitzerland Startup Bootcamps.

Market entry Bootcamps – For International Startups

The Market Entry Bootcamps present international startups with a deep-dive into the Swiss entrepreneurship ecosystem via access to leading Swiss corporations, Swiss accelerator and incubator programs as well as public institutions.

Scale up Bootcamps – For National Startups

The Scale up Bootcamp offers Swiss Scale up startups rich business development opportunities with industry leaders to accelerate their businesses.

More information on our Startup Bootcamps

Venture Kick

Venture Kick and its programs and events aim to close the gaps within the Swiss innovation chain. Venture Kick focuses on supporting the development of both Swiss and international founders, from the first idea to the successful scaling for international markets.

Visit the website Venture Kick

Startup Invest

Startup Invest is Switzerland’s leading financing platform for Swiss High-Tech Startups. Next to being a matchmaking platform between investors and startups for all range of investments from Seed to later stage investments, it is also the main force for the professionalization of the Business Angel and Venture Capital ecosystem in Switzerland.

Learn more about Startup INVEST

Corporate Enablement

Bundling forces and fostering cross-sector collaboration to enable innovation

One country, one company or one individual alone cannot overcome the challenges of digitalisation. Creative solutions and collaborative know-how is needed to guide our businesses into the digital future. An interdisciplinary approach is key. For this reason, digitalswitzerland launched the digitalswitzerland challenge.

Corporate Innovation & Transformation

Offering new and evolved solutions for corporate innovation, collaboration, intrapreneurship, acceleration and corporate venturing. Digitalswitzerland connects the dots to inspire and generate impulse, enabling more successful transformation.

digitalswitzerland challenge

With the challenge, digitalswitzerland enables interdisciplinary and cross-sector teams to implement their innovative ambitions within a competitive framework. We call these ambitions bets, because for Switzerland’s future we want to go all in. As Switzerland has always excelled in collaboration and innovation to overcome challenges, we are confident that we will also win these bets. The ambitious program puts Switzerland, its companies, the local academia and politics at the heart of digitalization.

See digitalswitzerland|challenge for more information.

SME Innovation & Transformation

Solutions for SMEs across Switzerland to help solving real digital challenges. Co-created and provided by our network of partners. Combination of clarification, problem solving, inspiration and support in transforming. Goal is to empower 10’000 people from SMEs until 2021.

Digital Summit

High-profile format, invitation only for our members, offering insights, key notes and networking on highest level. “Mini WEF for Swiss Corporates”. C-Level and Board of Directors only. Goal is to connect the decision makers on the highest level. To initiate and drive change across verticals, and to leverage enabling technologies for large-scale impact.

WEF breakfast

Offering inspiration and connecting opportunity for a successful WEF day. Highest-quality networking on C-Level at the World Economic Forum in Davos with inspiring key notes to kick of the day with getting-things-done energy.

Corporate Startup Summit

Connecting Corporate Decision Makers, Innovation Managers, Corporate Startups/Intrapreneurs for exchanging best practice, showcasing and rewarding intrapreneurship, inspiring collaboration and networking.

Visit Corporate Startup Summit

Public Dialogue

Leading a meaningful dialogue with the public

At the heart of digitalswitzerland’s activities are the question marks, fears and curiosity hopes of the Swiss public. What does digitalization mean in concrete terms for all of us?

Digital Day

For this reason, digitalswitzerland has launched Switzerland’s first Digital Day, which took place on 21 November 2017. Together with more than 40 partner companies and institutions under the patronage of Swiss President Doris Leuthard and Federal Councilor Johann Schneider-Ammann, digitalswitzerland started the dialogue with the Swiss public and made digitalization a unique experience.

The next Digital Day is already in the making: On 25 October 2018, we aim to include even more people, partners and regions into this big day dedicated to all things digital!


For more information, visit the website Digital Day or read articles on the topic in our blogpost.